A portrait of great depth - Capturing a moment

This section contains files, photos, and commentary by Philo or those who have worked with, known him, or are related to him.
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Richard Hull
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A portrait of great depth - Capturing a moment

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:53 pm

Attached is an image that grabbed me as no other in recent memory. It is a great and grand portrait to me. Something that reaches inside me.

This image is about a dream. Philo Farnsworth had a dream. As such, I post this here, within this special forum.

From the moment I saw this and captured this image off of the "Great Big Story" video filmed at one of our recent HEAS events, I was touched deeply. The image is of two people, one old and one young staring at perhaps a fusion star.... On the left, our founder, Paul Schatzkin.... On the right one of a number of young men we often see at HEAS over the years. (his name escapes me)

The key thing for me is, of course, my interpretation of what I see in the portrait. It is always that which is in the eye of the beholder.

I see an old man who founded an entity to foster the search for fusion energy in the future, hopefully, within his lifetime. A man who is wise due to his years, full of past hopes and dreams both achieved and dashed. Possessor of a special wisdom. A calm wisdom. His face expresses this as he realizes perhaps this dream, this ball of contained and controlled plasma, may never produce energy within his life time. He has seen it before not only in reality presented now before him, but now, perhaps representing a fading dream.

Beside the old man, I also see a young man, keen, vibrant, amazed at what he sees in a reality before him. A floating ghostly apparition of contained charged matter. What must he think?....His mind racing with possibilities that only youthful excitement dare ponder. A moment frozen in time for him? A moment that will change him? A moment that will direct him? Possibly...... So many possibilities lay ahead.

Please, click don the image to enlarge. Stare at it for a moment....What do you see?

P.S. here is the video for those who never saw it.

Richard Hull
Image captured from internet video found on the "the Great Big Story" taken and presented at one of the HEAS conferences recently.
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: A portrait of great depth - Capturing a moment

Post by Dennis P Brown » Thu Nov 25, 2021 8:50 am

That is a fantastically well made documentary! Of course, who is the star in it? Richard or the 'star in a bottle''? ;)

Ok, trick question - Richard has been leading the efforts here on this forum to keep fusor's alive and progressing for some time now and is the very reason that film was made in the first place.

Science is our best hope forward; particularly for coming to grips with the massive problems that have challenged humankind - energy, pollution, climate, food production and dealing with continued reduction of available resources as population increases; these are issues that, in the past, have been successfully addressed by scientist and engineers thus enabling people to overcome these extreme problems and make a far better world. Yet these challenges continue to grow requiring that more and better prepared people enter into STEM fields to provide the diversity and inventiveness needed to continue to discover the solutions required to overcome these growing problems that threaten our progress in making a better world.

Energy has been and always will be at the heart of all major technological and life enhancing efforts; yet paradoxically, is one of the contributors to our problems. Efforts by people in many places, from schools to forums like this, have encouraged the next generation of people to become the future members in these efforts to improve both science and our world.

This forum may only be a small contributor to achieving these loftily goals but it is certainly not the least - just as in the picture at HEAS of an older generation looking at a true marvel of science - fusion power under control - another younger, now better prepared generation, is developing the essential interest and curiosity needed to carry on and advance these essential efforts in science.

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