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Re: Operation Problem

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:38 am

Attached is how the wiring must be made. It is a line drawing. It should be straight forward.

NOTE: the diagram below is for a special metering system that I made for Charlie with special connectors as seen. This is not a genral hookup method!!

Make absolutely sure of the direction of the diode banding. The banded ends must go to each HV knob and the other ends are the negative hot DC and go to the zig-zag devider board input and to the fusor grid This is the high voltage line.

The case of the transformer is ground and the braided shield side of the current wire resistor board goes to the bolt on the already AC grounded case. The other end of the current wire resistor board goes to the fusor shell or outer grid if you are in a bell jar.

Make sure the current board BNC cable goes to the current meter side and the zig-zag divider board BNC cable goes to the voltmeter side.

Is this exactly how you are hooked up. If so your connections are good.

Take Rich Feldmans advice. Be sure you can get good hot arcs off each transformer knob to a well insultaed wire connected to case ground. DO NOT HOLD THE WIRE! Use an insulated plastic stick taped to the bare wire end you are trying to arc off the knob. No matter how good the insulation, never hold a high tension wire in your hand to draw an arc...... even if it is connected to ground.

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