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Richard Hull
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Post by Richard Hull » Mon May 20, 2013 2:42 pm

After fighting tremendous inertia for years, I climbed up in the loft of the lab and pulled out, from under about 200lbs of junk, my still sealed, Duniway package with the 12" conflat rings and the Braun 10" diameter hemispheres to, hopefully, proceed with fusor V.

Upon opening the dusty box I looked at the receipt inside and discovered that I had everything in hand to make fusor V as of Jan 18, 2000! Fusor IV wasn't completed until 2004. So, you see, there is a slight time lag in gathering gear and turning it into fusion systems.

If I find the time, and I fear I must now find that time due to being on a virtual "roll" with the hardware staring me in the face, I will proceed to construct the new system. Nothing new or innovative, just a bigger system.

I have a bigger, more powerful, 80kv supply outside now that has moldered under a tarp for over a year now. I hope to move the 700lb beast into the building at some point.

If, and as it proceeds, I'll supply updates.

Richard Hull
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Re: Inertia

Post by Brian_Gage » Mon May 20, 2013 7:00 pm

Greetings Richard,
Congradulations! Sounds like quite a treasure you unearthed. May Fusor V top the list.
My own inertia is on a smaller scale. Last month, I bought a Russian scint crystal from Sovtube. Arrived in excellent shape, 1" by 3" NaI(Tl). Finally put it together this week with a Hamamatsu R1925A and glob of Dow grease. Fitted into a manufactured housing with a wrap of rubber cut from an old mouse pad. A GCE member and ham in the UK soldered the PMT socket divider for me. When it was all together, hooked to my GS1100A2 and PC, it worked first time on 600 volts! Amazing. Patience has its own rewards?
Still haven't made advances or overcome inertia when it comes to constructing a vacuum system, plasma chamber or fusor. Ah well, all in good time. For now, I'm having fun with Geiger counters, scint detectors and electronics.

Regards, Brian

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