Fusor V Construction and Testing

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Fusor V Construction and Testing

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:16 pm

As many of you saw at HEAS 2010 my new chamber is overkill on the same order as hunting rabbits with an elephant gun. I'm still wondering why I bought that beast, but it was unbelievably cheap....(up front cost). I fear the after costs will crush me.

Nonetheless, I start this post which will grow to mammoth size. I plan on posting it in stages similar to Fusor IV construction, but I will not delete older assembly images as I did back in 2004 on fusor IV. The idea is to give newbies and other interested parties a view of ground up work progression on a large system.

I have great reservations as I begin this massive effort, there are nasties that will kick my butt throughout the effort and, like Nell Finwick tied to the railroad track, I can see the train comin' straight at me and I am scared and filled with foreboding. Issues that might stomp me into the dirt........

1. This is a really big thing. It makes fusor IV look like a peanut vendor's whistle.
Sealing the many ports might just do me in before much gels in a hopeful way.

2. Assuming acceptable seal and even a halfway decent "pulldown", with flowing D2, this beast will rip through D2 like Sherman going through Georgia.

3. As retirement approaches and my income drops by 60% I hope I can afford to feed this new family member and not have it suffer infant mortality or worse yet, be still born.

Based on the above, and an anticipated long term effort with fusor V, I will not be pulling fusor IV down to make room for Fusor V as I originally had planned. Instead, I will leave fusor IV up as a show and tell, working fusor until fusor V is either fully proven and functional or dies of natural causes during the birthing process.

I will have to devise a plan whereby room can be found for the additional system in my lab. Not an easy task, but a small one compared to the entire project before me.

It would be a travesty if I had visitors and couldn't do fusion.

A final word to the Newbs or newbies. Make the smallest system you can for your first neutron producing system!!!! 4-inch diameter is a bit small and 8" is starting to get too big for a newb fusioneer. If you plan on making a demo fusor first and then go on to fusion, invest in a good system of 6"-8" right off the bat. You will be glad you did and you will save money.

Stay tuned....... This posting will pop back to the surface of this forum as I do work and add images over the next full year. You will witness the linear progression.

Richard Hull
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Re: Fusor V Construction and Testing

Post by Starfire » Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:52 pm

Watching this space with interest.

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