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Re: Final Design

Post by bk8509a » Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:08 pm

Just read through everyone's comments.

First thing, thanks for all the comments and praise, means a lot to me.

Secondly, some asked, but I have Autodesk Autocad 10 64-Bit. The way I designed (most) of this chamber is by going to Kurt Lesker's website. On the left hand side there is a link that says "VacuCAD Service". Sign up with it and then go to any part and you can pick up the 2-D drawings. Some parts, however, did not have a drawing. The electric feed through and view port were designed by me in CAD. That's why they're a lot simpler that the other parts. From there you just copy and paste all the parts on one board and line them all up.

There were three main design critiques: View port, D2 input, and vacuum transducer placement.

Sadly, I cannot fix the transducer positioning due to money. Where it is now is where its going to have to stay. I will be using a Convectron brand of transducer and I'll hope for the best.

When it comes to D2 gas, as we all know, neutrons come out as well as radioactive tritium. No one at my college has experience with radioactive products such as these, so they've strictly forbidden me to do fusion. We can't get the safety approval from the school because I go to a small liberal arts school. I might bring the device somewhere to do fusion that has qualified staff, but with the time I'm looking at (2 months from now) and the money I'm look at right now (63 bucks ahead of budget), its best to leave the D2 gas for some other lucky undergrad.

On the view port a few of you mentioned blowing up due to e beams wear and tear and clouding due to sputtering. Great mentions, I'll probably take a Coulter way of doing it and putting in a removable piece of glass in the chamber that I can just toss as I don't think i'll have access to acid.

Parts will probably ordered next week. We already have the HV feed through on its way because it has a 2 week lead time. I feel semi guilty that I'm not scrounging around like all of you did for parts, and I'm really not building anything of my own, but I'm on a serious time constraint. Its my last semester of undergraduate.

By the way, I just got accepted into University of Wisconsin Madison's Nuclear Engineering-Engineering Physics program (for Fusion its number 2 in the nation tied with MIT) so I'll be doing plasma in the future.

I've attached a new plan with dates, name, and an updated grid.


PS: Nice beard Doug.
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