Recovering deuterium

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Recovering deuterium

Post by 3l » Mon Oct 10, 2005 3:34 pm

Hi Folks:

The new operating regime opens up many new areas to explore.
But let's say this leads to a workable solution.
In a 10 Hp fusor as much as 2-20 grams of deuterium might occupy the chamber depending on the effeciency.
In a power producing machine loads of deuterium lost out the pump would be mighty expensive and not exceptable.
So take the exhaust from your vacuum pump feed into a oil mist
separator then into a combustion chamber and finally to a condensor. The D2 gas will burn when mixed with oxygen in the air creating D2O steam condensed to D2O liquid that can be recycled back to gas in an electrolyser. This would create a closed cycle loop in which D20 would be input ,gassified,used as nuclear fuel,combusted out of the exhaust,returned for gassification as heavy water.

Happy Fusoring!
Larry Leins
Fusor Tech

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