Pulsed Fusor #24 Why the linac?

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Pulsed Fusor #24 Why the linac?

Post by 3l » Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:46 pm

Warning: The following post contains procedures that should not be attempted with out a thorough and COMPLETE understanding of the radiation hazard involved.
High vacuum is required to make this method work.
Remote operation procedure HAVE to be in place from the beginning.
Appropriated warning signs with a flashing warning light are necessary.
High voltage safety will be stringent due to the extra high potentials involved.
The radiation is short range but very intense close to the linac and the experintal area
Proper safety interlocks with keys are a must.
The local radiation will be on the order of 100 Rads or above.
It exceeds the lifetime permissible dose many fold.

The linac is another route to the same purpose...fusion.
To answer why I would put such a convoluted method forward.
I think an analogy is needed.
In the early days when pioneers settled California, the building material of choice was the redwood tree.
Bugs hated it,worked easy would not rot.
It looked very good and turned pretty colors when the weather hit it.
People would consider the pine trees as a scrub tree.
More settlers came...more redwood trees were cut down.
Finally with just a few trees left..they used pine.
Pine is ugly compared to redwood, bugs loved it and it needs protection from the elements to prevent it from rotting.
It not that pine was the most desirable but it was available.
The same seems to be happening with xray tranis. I was fortunate in that area ...but now I see only two or three a quarter.
The dirrect approach is of course the best route...no brainer.
But with growing ranks of telsa coilers and fusion forum duking it out over these few specimens it seemed resonable to consider an alternate route.
I know from first hand what a problem child a small linac can be,but in it's defense I would say it's virtues are interesting ...
Car parts could power it if a financial blowout occurs, All the bussiness end of a linac is locally availible. The few externals to make it go are under 10lbs. Unlike the 100 lb trani shipping is not a big deal...imagine if the war drags on a while watch UPS rates soar. Plus the up front cost of the xray trani. Could go to a cool grand under competition.

Call it Sustainable Fusion Ecology.
Fusion is Fun!

Larry Leins
Fusion Tech

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