123 bang under glass..pulsed demo fusor

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123 bang under glass..pulsed demo fusor

Post by guest » Wed Dec 04, 2002 3:11 pm

I finnally got it to work.
123 bang can try your soul at times.
I can post pictures of the preglow but digital cameras go blank when a spark gap fires.
All shots have been with air so far.
My unit is like Dr Miley's first pulsed fusor setup but I used a spark gap instead of a thyratron for this first unit.
This unit does not use a neon transformer but rather a regulated power supply however to fire the unit I use the neon trani as a trigger source by trippling it 's output and use the low amperage 45 kv to trip off the spark gap. The 2uf @15kv capacitor is the driver for this first unit and because its in a bell jar it will only be run at 10 kv. The spark gap is run in the standard trigatron mode ie two main ball gap electrodes with a perpendicular pointed electron to trigger. The gap is set to a couple of kv above the 10 kv spark length in order to hold off premature triggering. A rolling discharge from the trigger electrode creates a conduction path between the two main electrodes
discharging the capacitor. A hundred joule pulse is sent to the fusor in the disharge time of a millisecond
the average power is 1x 10^5 watts.
I can't wait to feed it deuterium.
The way to test for neutrons will be a block of paraphene with a silver foil on back.
my simple gieger sets will tell the story.
Won't have any counts but at least will know it worked.
I use a shorted mot as my mains protection.
This rig is a small scale version of the next 10 kv machine at 2 kj.

Fusion is fun!
Larry Leins
Fusion Tech

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Richard Hull
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Re: 123 bang under glass..pulsed demo fusor

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Dec 04, 2002 3:15 pm

Good luck Larry, we look forward to more reports on this unique experiment. ( Unique to our group here)

Richard Hull
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Re: 123 bang under glass..pulsed demo fusor

Post by guest » Wed Dec 04, 2002 6:09 pm


How about a picture or two of your set up? (even if its in a shutdown state). I'm a big sucker for eye candy.



Re: 123 bang under glass..pulsed fusor-gap pix

Post by guest » Wed Dec 04, 2002 7:15 pm

Here ya go!
The first picture is a closeup of the gap unit.
It was a left over from another project.
It is rated at 30kv max and 2kj due to the pvc pipe construction.

Larry Leins
Fusion Tech
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Re: 123 bang under glass..pulsed fusor-setup

Post by guest » Wed Dec 04, 2002 7:46 pm

This is as simple a rig as you can imagine.
10 kv @ 5 ma regulated supply
spark gap
15k ohm 15 watt resistor (glow shunt)
2 uf @15 kv capacitor
neon trani
color tv trippler
The resistor is across the cap for safety but in a run it would connect to the top of the fusor.
Simply charge the capacitor to ten kv... a minute or so.
To discharge the cap simply apply voltage to the nst
primary then when the trippler hits 45kv... pow!
The fusor is at about 10 torr.
Goes from deep blue to brilliant blueish white then fades to blue again.
Do not exceed 10 kv ...there is zero xray protection in this setup.
I have no instruments that can register x rays during the pulse... keep a good distance please.

Larry Leins
Fusion Tech
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