Idealized fusor construction related to the FAQ

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Idealized fusor construction related to the FAQ

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Dec 17, 2020 2:24 am

In keeping with the FAQ I just finished on new ideas in fusor construction, I attach an image done in paint of a proposed idea for a fusor incorporating most of the things noted in the FAQ seen at.

It is not an impossibility with the tubing inserts looped as in the diagram but certainly more tedious and expensive to build if you have others do the machine work and brazing. I do note that just coiling copper tubing around the smooth cylinder with thinner walls might be just as efficacious.

Not mentioned in the drawing is that you might place this fusor setup near an outside wall and while the AC can remain indoors near the fusor, since you have to cut the cooling lines, you might also cut the hot lines to the radiator and move it and its attendant fan out of doors, running its lines through the wall. I would think the effort would repay itself many times over in superlative fusion results. otherwise the hot radiator will heat the fusor area. (not a fun thing)

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Cylinder fusor.jpg
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