My (extremely) rough attempts

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My (extremely) rough attempts

Post by S Silvawalker » Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:23 pm

Hello, Here are my experiments so far, My apologies for the mess that tends to be my work.

I am a senior high school student with a background in the construction of jet engines(all three types) and model rockets. It was my interest in high voltages and currents which led me to start looking into different kinds of particle accelerators and thus fusors about 6 years ago. I was unable to start until I had a better understanding of radiation and realized that I had a good enough pump in my garage to do these tests.

First tests started around January 2018
I would have been on here sooner to ask for help but my email never arrived, so I just joined now using my Gmail instead.
Sorry for the music, I just had to.
Here is one of quite a few tests using this setup.
chamber 105mm by 190mm and 2mm thick.
Voltage is about 2kV
Current is about 1A
The circuit is balasted Microwave oven transformer with a full bridge rectifier made from 4 15kV Diodes and with a Microwave oven Capacitor in parallel with the rectifier to smooth the output a bit. Before the MOTs (one used as ballast) I have a DIY variac made using a 4 Gallon Rubbermaid container filled with water and about a tbs of drain cleaner(very dangerous I know and concentration was not very important so long as I could hold the output where there would be less arcing).

Prior attempts may have been more stable but nothing even close to forming a contracted plasma. Geometry is nowhere good enough to go for that, the pressure is too high, and the setup is far too large.
The vacuum pump in question:
-E2M8 Edwards Rotary Vane Dual Stage Mechanical Vacuum Pump
-very rusty and old
-Using Edwards Ultragrade 19 vacuum pump oil ... hed/pp/647
^an overview of the pump(if it were new or refurbished)

Still formed some cool plasmas and with those voltages a lower risk of X-rays.

More recent attempts Starting around July of 2018
The circuit is a scavenged CRT television's Rectified output flyback transformer being driven by a "Phillips Advance" fluorescent light ballast. The output voltage is somewhere between 10 and 20kV(x-ray danger has increased and so has my distance from the device while in operation)

The same vacuum pump and "chamber" were used showing that my pressure is too high.
(implosion of the bell jar is a likely occurrence and the velocity of the fragments should not allow them to break my shield with enough remaining energy to be a danger through my goggles at my distance)

Trying with a new chamber made from 5mm thick acrylic 6inch by 8inch for future tests with fewer ions but before that I tested its ability to hold a vacuum for a fusor test,

it did not hold vacuum any better than the glass and do not worry I am not using it in the future for fusor tests, rather for another bad idea.

I believe that if I use a smaller glass chamber and better geometry, probably another single stage pump in series I may be able to get a star mode going but that is quite a ways off at this time.

Thank you for your time and I would appreciate any and all feedback from you guys.

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