What vacuum chamber do I use?

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Re: What vacuum chamber do I use?

Post by Chris Giles » Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:48 pm

Hi Brandon,

on mine, I have recently got a 4.5" CF cross. From the above discussion it seemed like a good compromise. Now I am on the lookout for further HV parts to piece it all together. The conflat parts certainly are expensive and/or rare with the 4.5" and larger a lot more so than 2.75".

My next crucial part is the high vacuum valve, then i will know which size flanges i have to connect together. I have a turbo pump with 6" CF. Most likely seems I will need reducing flanges to go from DN100CF to DN40KF for the valve and back to DN63CF. I havent been able to test the turbo pump yet because I dont have the reducing flanges...

Now i know what size flange i have on the chamber I need to get the feedthrough and viewport. I'm getting there but very slowly...


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