Cheapest, yet Most Efficient

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Jack Wilson
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Cheapest, yet Most Efficient

Post by Jack Wilson » Wed Oct 14, 2020 11:54 am

I am thinking in making a fusion reactor.

I am thinking in making a fusion reactor but I don't have high monetary income, what would the the cheapest, yet most efficient fusion reactor?

Another question: How much heat does homemade deuterium fusion reactors do, I was thinking in creating such a similar concept as like fission reactors but don't know if it will work. (of course I know fusion doesn't create more energy than implemented but then I could prove it or see the result with such mechanic).

Continuing from that question: Is there any more efficient way to extract energy from a fusion reactor, even if it will not create more than given to the reactor?

Jack Wilson

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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Cheapest, yet Most Efficient

Post by Dennis P Brown » Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:55 pm

Do read the posts on small fusors and also on fusor power supplies in the various posts on these topics.

As for the cheapest - that depends on your skills and available shop equipment (welding, machine work - i.e. lathe and milling), electronics knowledge and ability to find good deals on surplus equipment. If you have zero such skills to make most the required equipment and intend to buy everything, do read how people do that in the various topic areas. When selecting specific equipment people here can help guide you.

So, after reading the 'how' others handled these same issues, you will have a good idea on what exactly to ask relative to questions for specific items and we will also know you are serious.

As for mreasuring the output energy that depends on how accurate you desire so you need to specify that parameter. However, a proper fusor level amp meter, and voltmeter would be essential to start ... .

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Maciek Szymanski
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Re: Cheapest, yet Most Efficient

Post by Maciek Szymanski » Wed Oct 14, 2020 1:20 pm

Sorry, I can't stop myself.

The fusor is very efficient in extracting energy. Almost 100% of the electric energy you will put into it will be extracted as heat. A small amount will be converted to the light. So you have a great energy extracting machine - put it into your sleeping room and you will get an efficient electric heater, a stylish moody night lamp and a working fusion reactor in one! The only thing you may be afraid is that you may lose some neutrons which can escape your room taking away some of the energy. Few orders below 1% but it's anyway a loss.
Off course you can realize the same thing with some bare nichrome wire hanging on the wall and connected directly to the mains (my father in law has done this in his student times for heating a dormitory room) - it will be much safer as there is higher chance of avoiding death by electric shock be merely 120 or 240V AC than the furor's 30kV DC, but - no nuclear fusion included.

I hope that you can learn something from this, but not much. The forum rules you have agreed when registering are simpler than understanding therm efficiency, but it looks like you have not understood them.
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