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Re: Lockheed

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:00 pm
by Richard Hull
The fusion output of the sun impacting earth is indeed converted in the megawatt range and is on the grid in the U.S in a total of gigawatts distributed. Hoover and Grand Coulee dams are but two examples that work a bit better at the watt-hr rate than rusting iron.

Certainly all the bulk of electrical energy in the world today is solely due to the good offices of fusion energy via the Sun. Only geothermal, some tidal and fission energy are not solar specific examples. If one stretches the point, even those sources had some origin in some lost past super nova.

In hydro, the sun's fusion does the heavy lifting but our energy is derived at the generational source through the release of potential energy. 100% of man's electrical energy at its conversion point comes directly from potential energy releases. (gravity) We just pull the trigger of a preloaded gun and out flies the electrical bullet. We are good hunter-gatherers.

Sun specific, it serves us well as a fusion energy source, but almost entirely by hydro-electric, coal, natural gas and oil with the whimpy wind and solar collectors far, far behind.

Richard Hull