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Latest From Toyota and Mitsubishi reserachers.

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:18 pm
by Richard Hull ... ld-fusion/

We'll see........Show me..........

From a greenie site, but the ANS has allowed CF, LENT sessions at its meetings for a few years now.

I knew the japanese were keen on investigating this several years ago, but I thought the money had dried up........Apparently not. There fission reactor disaster must have kick-started a new look at this.

Not meant to start any debates or diatribes, just that there is real corporate money out there looking at this and positive results are being reported at big ANS meetings. This doesn't make it so.....It just means its alive and kicking and not just going to go away until the money goes away or it hits paydirt.

It is news........

Richard Hull

Re: Latest From Toyota and Mitsubishi reserachers.

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:59 pm
by Chris Bradley
The thing that one might note as 'in need of a little more "probing"' is that all the supposed reactions they have generated end with naturally occurring isotopes.

I don't know what the probability of ending up with stable isotopes after adding alphas, I suppose it is not too bad, but I'd have expected a few radioactive isotopes to have been generated. It would be better for them to show radioactive isotopes can come out of this 'LENT' because that would rule out contaminations.

Failure to generate any radioactive isotopes from 'LENT' suggests to me that it is not a nuclear transmutation - unless we have now wandered into the land of make-believe that there can be a process so fantastical that it even, somehow, actually pre-select only to stable isotopes and screen out the radioactive ones!!

(Screen capture from 3'11" on the video in the link.)

I mean, why would it only add 3 alphas to barium. Would one, or two, alphas not also be a likely outcome branch too, then there would be clear proof with cerium 141 (32 day decay) being generated?

Re: Latest From Toyota and Mitsubishi reserachers.

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:41 pm
by Carl Willis
Well, at least this blogger isn't shy about his biases:

"Academia has utterly let the world down."

"LENR obviously functions."

"Only the very brave and eccentric have ventured out with Andrea Rossi leading the way."

For some reason, it's hard to just take a guy at his word in nuclear physics when that guy--Rossi for example--has no background in the field, eschews the established procedures of scientific scrutiny, and has a resume consisting of nothing but multiple fraud-ridden commercial failures. You'd indeed have to be brave, eccentric, and of course monumentally foolish to get behind such a leader.

It's tempting to dismiss anyone in the LENR community to the extent that they affiliate with, support, or have anything at all to do with Andrea Rossi. Unfortunately, that's a lot of that community.

Anyway, there are still some well-intentioned researchers exploring the poorly-characterized phenomena associated with deuterium and light hydrogen in various metals. For years, there have been claims, like the one here, of transmutation to form new nuclei. Mass spec analyses have often been done that show that there is stuff in the residue that wasn't (presumably) in the system originally, and the theory accounting for the new stuff is inevitably nuclear transmutation (the incompatibility of elementary nuclear physics concepts notwithstanding). I do hope the well-intentioned work continues and scientists arrive at supportable, although probably not earth-shattering, conclusions about the various phenomena.


Re: Latest From Toyota and Mitsubishi reserachers.

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:11 pm
by Richard Hull
Again this was not about starting a debate, but Carl's last paragraph kind of put my feelings about this in agreement with his. Let the others follow this trail and report back. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

Invisible rays penetrating your hand to show your bones was extraordinary in 1890, but the proof was there to back it up.

Richard Hull