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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Taylor Wilson in Forbes

Post by Dennis P Brown » Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:33 pm

More accurately, corporations are driven by CEO's to turn single quarter profits to satisfy investors for quick profits; where as the CEO is looking for a big cash win to repeat a monster bonus or if things go terribly wrong, a huge payoff to exit. I think their lies the issue of idiocy.

Nuclear power, with its vast upfront costs, extremely large requirement for government support (very much like American and European farming), long-term upkeep costs and taxpayer cost of waste handling just is not modeled for such an insane financial system.

The real costs of power generation - especially coal with its free use of the air as a dump for waste - are never paid by the corporations but rather by the environment that all of us do depend on for life support.

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Richard Hull
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Re: Taylor Wilson in Forbes

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:02 pm

Lofty ideas and theoretical machinations about how it could all be better will remain just that, regardless. As no one in there right minds will work daily for cost neutral or at a loss. It just can't be done because there will never be a will to do it. No one, not the peasant nor the millionaire will want to remain where they are at this moment in time until they die, much less, back-slide! The millionaire is a driven entity and stagnation or net loss is worse than death. The peasant with no hope of betterment or the prospect looming that he will fall deeper into poverty will lose interest in his efforts. (Russia's five year plans).

I will note that due to regulations and in an effort to meet them, coupled with puting a pretty face on your company's energy efforts, Profit alteration might be forced a bit, but if you pay anyone on a payroll, you need some profit. I know that Jim gets paid....I hope... and if so, I know it is not minimum wage.

Yes, an occasional rich guy will give of him or herself in altruistic fashion, but never, over the span of their lives, designing such efforts to go bankrupt. Some few rich folks are self-guilted into such acts. How much of this is for show is anyone's guess. Bottom line, they will never hurt, financially, unless the economic system lets them down.

Socialism's distribution of wealth sounds great until you run out of the other guy's money.

Profit neutral or even net loss energy is for post apocolyptic small communities where true socialism can function as all participate to equal degrees for the community and those that don't work, don't get to eat.

Taylor will garner such press as he can until they tire of reporting about a genius kid that did fusion. His dynamicism and ebullient nature is currently a draw, pulling in news media like a moth to a flame. You just don't see youth doing this sort of thing. It is hard not to report stuff like this with your editor on your back about getting a truly different and interesting story to publish.

Of course, Taylor may make some future contribution yet to be heralded, but like fusion energy, that is in the future, maybe....we hope.

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