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Mark Suppes @ Lift conference

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:15 am
by Ed Meserve
Here's a link to Mark Suppes talk at the Lift conference about his projects and open source science. ... ear-fusion

Re: Mark Suppes @ Lift conference

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:56 pm
by Richard Hull
I watched the whole thing with a critical eye and, overall, it was really good. Mark did not hyperbolate beyond reason. He is at least doing stuff and especially aiming at the polywell. He can claim the first attempt at polywell outside to Bussard's team's effort, but I note zero fusion. However, with donations and a business plan, it is not amateur work at its heart. He is looking at more donations and support as if in a business oriented quest.

The one bubble detector image was from the only time he ever did fusion and that was with the simple little "go no where" fusor. Odd, how the fusor always does fusion and via totally open source.

We have yet to see definitive proof of polywell fusion in image or in quantified, fully and freely distributed literature. There are lots of "We finally did it" out there followed by supporters and boosters saying "They finally did it" but nothing more.

Having met Bussard and spent a day with him and signing a non-disclosure agreement, I know he was serious and deidcated. I saw a lot of gear and a lot of work, but at that time no one claimed any fusion. With his passing shortly after a supposed success of some sort, we have not seen or heard much beyond another interation of the WB series was underway.

We are regularly treated to computer generated images, photos of what is said to be superconducting electromagnetic coils inside of doughnuts, etc. What we never see is images of the device in action, internal views, and creditable instrumentation.

Suppes has actually outdone the Bussard folks with sharing his effort visually and his open admission to sort of fumbling his way forward. He is in good company as that is how we moved forward and continue to do so, but at an amateur level.

I do wish Suppes and what remains of Bussard's effort well, but as we all note here, it is all about the proving and the showing and the telling.

Richard Hull