Channel 9 @ MS is carrying our story.

Reflections on fusion history, current events, and predictions for the 'fusion powered future.
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Re: Channel 9 @ MS is carrying our story.

Post by Carl Willis » Mon May 30, 2011 12:16 am

Nicely done media appearance, Carl. Your interviewer actually gives you a chance to explain your apparatus in some meaningful detail, and you do a good job of enthusiastically hitting your main points. Thanks for posting the video.

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Re: Channel 9 @ MS is carrying our story.

Post by DaveC » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:59 pm

Carl - My congratulations. Good job of encouraging the science and foraging skills.
It was nice that Microsoft had the interest to boost the awareness.

The school budget issue is more or less the same round the country. Politicians, not being of scientific inclination, (but usually identifying with sports....) cut what's easiest -"esoteric" things like science, shop, math... and then the next generation can only think "outsource", to stay competitve in the marketplace.

Yeah, the schools and admins will whine, (admins will usually still get their raises), but the kids will lose out. Usually, none of the effects impact the legislative crowd, whose own re-election or career ops - seem, unfortunately, all too well insulated.

"Wisdom is justified of her children....", indeed.

Dave Cooper

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