Electricity - how much do you use? Pay?

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Re: Electricity - how much do you use? Pay?

Post by MARK-HARRISS » Tue Oct 26, 2004 5:55 am

Here in Queensland Australia, it's USD$0.0875 per KW/Hr. This is from a state owned power authority. It was privatised a few years back as they were following (of all things) the Californian power model, which would be a boon to all with unlimited cheap privatised power, curiously the politicians have been quiet lately although I have trouble understanding how selling a money making asset can be good for a government.

Mark Harriss

Jon Rosenstiel
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Re: Electricity - how much do you use? Pay?

Post by Jon Rosenstiel » Sun Oct 31, 2004 4:04 pm


Just received my bill for the months of September and October (08/26 thru 10/26). Average over the two month period was 58 kWh/day, 1740kWh/month.

I found this interesting… Enclosed with our bill was a breakdown of where the city of Anaheim gets its power.

Eligible renewables*..… 1%
Large hydroelectric…….4%
Natural gas……………...7%

*Eligible renewables consist of: Biomass and waste, Geothermal, Small hydroelectric, Solar, and Wind.

Jon Rosenstiel

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Richard Hull
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Re: Electricity - how much do you use? Pay?

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Nov 02, 2004 6:49 pm

It is still a coal burnin' world for the most part, as we have about 300 years of th' stuff left on hand. If we don't wise up and go back to making fission plants, we will be making coal plants as oil and natural gas peter out.Solar will be good when they cross the 80% efficiency line, assuming the costs are also held down.

Richard Hull
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Re: Electricity - how much do you use? Pay?

Post by MARK-HARRISS » Wed Nov 03, 2004 2:42 am

There's a proposal to build a 200MW solar chimney in Australia based on this 50 KW prototype built in Spain: http://www.solarserver.de/lexikon/aufwi ... erk-e.html

These solar chimneys run 24/7 due to thermal differences in the intake surface air and the exhaust which would have to be around a kilometer (5/8 mile) tall which is within reach of ferroconcrete construction techniques.
The system is only 2-3% efficient but it has a long life and low ongoing operational costs. There are people who think the efficiency can be improved with regeneration of the intake air.

I think it's well worth trying.
Mark Harriss

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Re: Electricity - how much do you use? Pay?

Post by ChrisSmolinski » Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:31 pm

Sorry for the late entry. Here in Maryland (BGE utility) we're on a time of day/
season service, so the rates vary. 3 to 8 cents per kWhr, plus a 2 cent per
"distribution" charge. Lower rates in the winter than summer. Then there's the
$12 a month flat fee as well, which you need to factor in to find a fully
burdened kW/hr rate. I would say our bill runs around $100 a month in the
spring/fall to $160 in the summer/winter, when the AC and heat are used.
And I keep the thermostat set to 73F year-round. This is for an all-electric
house, including the well pump. Along with the less than desirable heat pump
in the winter. They probably work a lot better down in Richmond than up here.

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Re: Electricity - how much do you use? Pay?

Post by DaveC » Fri Nov 19, 2004 8:18 am

Just wanted to read everyone's entries to get perspective. Unfortunately, I am in the So Cal Edison service territory, not the Anaheim Municipal Utility, so our rates are a wee bit higher

Latest bill shows we used about 920 kwhr this month, (Oct-Nov)...Fall weather, little or no A/C..Edison's rates have dropped a bit, as they get out of debt. Present rates are broken out for delivery (that's T&D if you are a utility guy) and Generation. Then they are further scaled by percentage of baseline. The highest tier for each delviery and generation are about 0.09/kwhr each.

Max rates total about 0.18/kwhr, and these are the lower Winter rates. The bill is a weighted summation... ours ran about $100, so that's around $0.10 /kwhr. Not too bad, but... I get a 25% employee discount. That makes the effective rate about 0.125/kwhr.

Lots of incentive here for lighting efficiency. But DIY electricity generation, comes in at about 0.45 -0.55 ignoring capital costs.

Some of the very low US rates NW and Mid West, particularly, are your FED TAX dollar at work. Facilities were built with tax money, and often are not run to make money. TVA and BPA are better now than earlier, but not playing on the same field as the Investor Owned Utilities.

Dave Cooper

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