Introducing the hydrino!!

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Richard Hull
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Introducing the hydrino!!

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:50 am


For those who might be interested, and for its entertainment value, check out..... ... light.html

BLP (BlackLight Power) has been around a while....Yet another break-through!

Are you new energy freaks gonna' hop onto this? Get a gang o' light and convert it directly into usable electricity with 18% efficient photo-voltaics. Wow, boys and girls its more "putt-putt boat" energy just like NIF! They are just short of claiming fusion, but give 'em time.

Richard Hull
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Introducing the hydrino!!

Post by Dennis P Brown » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:57 am

Burning water; uh, anyone told them that is easy as long as you put in more energy than you get out ...LOL. Gotta love they came up with a new name for this special previously "unknown state of matter" that they just happen to predict and discover by burning water.

Will say this - small amounts of water can be "burned" in high energy hydrogen based fuel reactions (read 'high temperature)' with a net gain of power when leftover hydrogen ions are present. Often used in poorly designed engines for a net gain; however, if the engine is super efficient (read no left over fuel), water just creates loss of power ... . This old con has been around a long time but adding super fancy looking equipment and a fancy buzz word and especially a mysterious new science is just a better way to fool some people who just don't understand thermodynamics or that free lunches aren't really free. Right now this con somehow seems appropriate.

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