Tri-Alpha Energy just launched its website

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Richard Hull
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Re: Tri-Alpha Energy just launched its website

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:26 am

Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. Some opinions bear more consideration than others due to the source. Still, a good mind that has studied the fusion issues and also knows not only the physics, but the engineering and funding end of things has a much clearer view of what is involved.

As noted earlier, if you can't win with D-T fusion, the easiest known to man, then you will never have even the slightest chance at P-B11 fusion. Why start that quest? An analogy would be: Why try and build an automobile when you haven't figured out how to do a wheel, yet. Even the meanest intellgence can gather this point to the fore in their brain.

Paul asked about thermo-nuclear definition much earlier. A thermo nuclear reaction is one that creates more energy than is used to create it and can be either self-sustaining or not. It always involes a heated plasma of fusion fuel.

The fusor fails as it is a non-net energy producer. Some of the dubious claims made for JET and other multi-million dollar efforts in thermal plasma systems related to their having produced more energy out than in, for a matter of secs to milliseconds also fails the definition. The H bomb is a superlative example of a good, solid thermo-nuclear reaction that is non-self sustaining.

The only self-sustaining thermo-nuclear reaction in the universe is found is stars. The only workable, over unity, thermonuclear reaction found on earth is the H bomb.

All other fusion reactors are not thermo-nuclear, but instead are fusion devices that take a bit more energy input than they give in output. The fusor is a Billion to one net loss fusion device and the very best multi-million dollar systems are most likely a 1.5 to 1 net loss or even worse if 100% of all things needed to make them go is considered. The rotteness of our efforts at thermo-nuclear fusion is a matter of scale only. If you only have $800 to spend on a cobbled up fusor you are at the bottom of the scale. However hundreds of millions to billions of the money scale perfectly. $800 is to one billionth return as 1billion dollars is to one tenth or better return. The 1/10th or better return is doing the same as the fusor in fusion, It just costs a lot more and still fails in the area of thermo-nuclear fusion.

Yes, true, the fusor makes no attempt at containment, but for all the multi-million dollar containment efforts....Still zip! Both systems do net loss fusion.

Yes, true, you only fuse well at collisional effective temperatures in the 100's of millions of kelvins (degree) range, beit in a fusor or a tokamak, but you aren't getting "net usable or positive destructive thermo-nuclear energy out of either device.

Defintion (net postive destructive energy)....An H bomb that is used to destroy an enemy becomes a net positive outcome of direct use of massive over-unity, thermo-nuclear energy for the nation using it...... wait for it...........(thermo-nuclear retaliation can be a bitch)....Still, both sides are well served, energy-wise, by the use of their H-bombs agaisnt their foes.
Energy in: a few millions of dollars per bomb.....
Energy out: Tens of trillions of dollars in damage to the other guy........What a bargain!

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Werner Engel
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Re: Tri-Alpha Energy just launched its website

Post by Werner Engel » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:48 pm

Does anyone have a personal contact to Mr. Michl Binderbauer (president and CTO of Tri-Alpha)? I tried to get in contact with him (as he is also Austrian) - but did not get any feedback.

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