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Posted: Fri May 31, 2002 2:14 pm
by Richard Hull
*********************Recent Additions****************************

Nathan Marshall ...admitted to the neutron club 5/9/20
Quaid Hawkins......admitted to the Plasma Club 6/27/20
This is a list of AMATEUR fusioneers and experimenters.

It can incude private individuals who receive aid and
assistance which might include financial help,
equipment donation and professional scientific guidance.
i.e. students in high school or college doing a fusor
project, science fair exhibit, etc.

Scroungers list:

To get on the list of assemblers of parts, just notify the list
of your intent to start gathering components to make a demo fusor or fusion system
and you will be added.

NOTE: This list will be purged from time to time if the
persons on it fail to post in a reasonable time frame that
they have a demo under construction and appear to have left the forums.

REASON: This a list of stated "intent" and not one of accomplishment.

Plamsa Club:

In general, The Plasma club membership requires minimalistic
"proof of accomplishment". This usually takes the form of a "Demo Fusor"
Images posted in the image du jour forum of the apparatus
showing the grid With a plasma VISIBLE. A few details such as voltage used
and maybe pressure in the vessel would be nice and this is usually sufficient to place
someone in the Plasma club. Names are not purged from this list unless you
move onto the Neutron club listing.

Neutron Club:

This usually demands that a pre-existing plasma club member indicate
that he has added deuterium and has either activated a material
or has supplied a neutron counter or bubble detector reading along with an image
of the system with counter, bubble detector or method of activation apparatus
visible beside the fusion apparatus with a full description of his
run with data taken. Obviously, no one can see neutrons being
produced,but we should see proof that you can actually record
their passage via some sort of suitable apparatus.

Basically, an applicant for the neutron club must present proof in both images
and a full technical data disclosure indicating fusion has ,indeed, taken place.
This evidence should show the detection system and the fusor setup itself
along with all of the operational conditions during fusion and data recording.
Any applicant may be questioned by any number of Neutron club members upon
application and submission of proof. They should be prepared to further
clarify or exhibit knowledge of the data or processes used.

See the strict rules for joining the neutron club at:

And a sample submission at:

This list cannot include fusion work done by organizations or
professional people involved in this work for pay unless
the effort is done "on the side" as a personal effort.
i.e. Tom Ligon - Bussard fusion effort


Scroungers Club

Known active Amateur fusioneers who have indicated that they are assembling parts

Tristan Mortimer
Karan Dayalani
Bruno Riguzzi, Yoji Watanabe
Steven Udotong
Caine Ardayfio
Yannick Scholich
Allan Josué González-Villalobos


"The Plasma Club"

These people have shown that they are or have, in the past operated a Demo fusor (using air or other gases)
Note: They are shown to be "doers". None of the names on this list went on to do fusion as anyone can only be on one listing.
Folks on this list will be removed from it only if they do fusion at some point in the future. The large majority on this list
have built a demo fusor but are no longer around. Only those near the bottom of this listing might be still active and attempting
to move on to a real neutron producing, "fusing" fusor.

Joshua Resnick
Ed Wingate
Marcus Kolb
Gerald Morris
Ben Phoenix
Tom Dressel
Dave Cooper
Mike Veldman
Colin Heath
Mark Rowley
Brian Willard
Garrett Young
Todd Coleman
Brad Collier
John & Tania Hendron
R. Scott Coppersmith
David Hansen
Oliver Greenaway
Adam Szendrey
Stanley Clark
James Broussard
University of South Florida senior project group - names:
(Carl Adams, Daniel Bazley, James Jahner, Maria Ooms)
Mike Maga
Charles Elkins
Andrew Gzankowski
Mark Siegel
Fabio Bragonzi - Italy
U Mass, Lowell - Josh Bevan & others. Group effort.
Dan Tibbets
Larry Upjohn
Josh Perlow
Adrian Hoefken
Mark Dunn
Chris Dicken
John Papiewski
Wyatt Paul
David Kern
Chris Franklin
Brandon Sorborn
Troy Peterson
Fredrik Gustafsson
Adam Ingle
Joshua Baptist
Justin Atkin
Peter Shaw
Maarten van der Meer jr and Arnaud van Haaster
Carl Smith
Deepak Soman
USM fusion group
Brandon Merrill
Jeff Robertson
Tom Sanfilippo
David Grzan
Cesar Guazzaroni
James Rizzardi
Steve Robinson
Diane Nesius
Alexander Biersack
Andrew Cozzens
Max Isi, Will Eberts, and Quin Thames (the LMU fusor team)
LMU mentor/advisor Anatol Hoemke
David Swan
John Gresl
Alex Sulyman
Mark Scott-Nash
Matthew Kwak
Isaac Boehm
Ed Meserve
Vitor Barbosa
Anson Tsang
Dylan Slack
Liam David
Alexndru Calburean
David Wolfenbarger
Yoshika Kei
Dave Nicholls
Yan Rui
Alexander Reifsnyder
Aidan Cookson
Dan Slaviero
Blake Resnick
Ryan Catalano
Glen LeSiege
Thomas Zehetbauer
Darrell Taylor
Mike Wilson
Will Caruana
Christof Riedel
Jake Lebovic
Philipp Windischhofer
Brendan Saglietti
Cameron Palte
Tom Hanley
Oakland University HC/SD Team - Brian Neumeyer posting
Erik Burrows
Samuel Low
Dave Xanatos
Atilla Saadat
Michael Logusz
John Beutz
Samuel Samida - Pugh
Muhammad Faidzul
Abram Budge
Werner Engel
Daniel Klasing
Aidan Furlong
Finn Hammer
Matthew Lallinger
Michael Bretti
Luca Trussoni
Niels Geerits
Dave Rosignoli
Geoffrey Thomas
Daniel Fajardo
Jose Rey
Josh Smith
Samuel Berman
Ryan Copeland
Tyler Meagher
Pablo Llaguno
Antoine Fleitz
Luke Harrill
Jose Maria Jimenez & Allan Josué González Villalobos
Steven van Ruijssevelt
Ben Barnett & Taylor Shead
Joshua Turbyfill
Emrys Peets UT Austin group
Domnick Quaye, Javier Blanco and Calvin Holmes (team effort)
Steven van Ruijssevelt
Quaid Hawkins


"The Neutron Club"

These people have operated a neutron producing fusor or fusion system, (normally d-d fusion):
They have shown via rigorous examination, by their peers, that their finished product and data are all in order and certify that they have done fusion.
This represents a significant and signal accomplishment for a single amateur scientist or amateur group under proper supervision.

Richard Hull - 10e5 neutron mark 3/99 first reported fusion in a fusor by an amateur scientist.
Scott Little 4/99
Joe Zambelli - Half mega mark 12/01
Tom Ligon - First cylindrical fusor - (Part of Dr. bussard's professional effort, but built a private fusor making neutrons 01/02)
Michael Li - winner $75k Intel scholarship (fusor)
Mike Amann
Jon Rosenstiel - Mega neutron mark 10e6 11/02
Gerardo Meiro - First non-US neutron Club member (Spain), inventor of the "Meiro spiral grid"
Phillip Fostini
Carl Willis - advanced activation work
Craig Wallace - winner $1.5k Intel 2nd place (Fusor)
Frank Sanns - Patented, plasma electrodes
Brian McDermott
Fergus Noble & Henry Hallam - first UK neutron members
Adam Parker - winner of $10k Alabama scholarship in science
Mark Langdon
Thiago Olson
Wayne Rodgers
Eric Stroud
Wilfried Heil & Noemi Zudor - Smallest fusor ~3" diameter
Raymond Jimenez
Alex & Ben Haylett - first to use heavy water electrolysis
Steven Sesselmann - first Aussie fusion, New Star system design
Andrew Seltzman
Utrecht University fusor group, poster is Benjamin Brenny
Group includes: Sander Mann, Dick Abma, Thijs Krijger, Remco Van den
Dungen, Nivard Kagie
Bob Heil
Peninsula College - student group
Ho Yee Hui, Derek Madison, Devon McMinn, Sarah Mangiameli
Chris Milroy, Aaron Stoll, Jeff Zirul
Roman Radtke
Louis Franzel
Taylor Wilson
Thomas Rapp - Also made a linear, beam-on-target fusion device
Tyler Christensen
Ben Bartlett - Attended Intel ISEF 2009
Doug Coulter & Bill Fain
Matthew Honickman
Jason Heidecker
Mark Suppes
Robert Tubbs
Chris Roberts & Adam Behler - University of Utah
Chad Ramey - Smallest fusor
Will Jack
Fusor Project, Netherlands - Martijn Rambonnet, Bent de Lange
Alexander Klotz
Bob Thoma
Adam Ingle
Conrad Farnsworth
Mike Kovalchick
Tanner Oates
Daniel Firth
Michal Racko, Slovakia - supervisor/mentor Michal Stano, PhD.
Jake Hecla
Anthony ODwyer

**********************NWNC - Youth Team Effort****************
This is a special group of rotating students at the high school level that continuosuly
grows and changes over the academic years. They have won many 1st place awards
each year and well over $160,000 in scholarships to advance there members'
education. Thanks to superb mentoring,they are safely guided through the
fusion effort as each group comes on board. All the best to this one of a kind
fusion effort! Like the energizer bunny, they just keep on going and going.....


1. Kaylee O'Neal
2. Krystal Schuh
3. Eriik Snyder
4. Jocelyn McWayne
5. Chase Price
6. Jayce Glenn
7. Tanner Oates

NWNC Mentors/adult advisors
1. Kim Brown Command Master Chief USCG Retired
2. Berk Nadir Graduate Nuclear Engineering - Purdue University
3. Carl Greninger Operations Program Manager - Microsoft - main poster for his group's activities

This team endures over the years as new students enter the group and older ones matriculate out to colleges.
A fabulous hands-on effort thanks to the adult advisors involved in keeping everyone safe, teaching good pratices along with the scientific method.


Special recognition to Robert Tubbs as the first "beam on target", (BoT) fusioneer using a custom designed accelerator to do same using an RF plasma ion source. Robert was already in the neutron club using his own fusor a couple of years back.


********************** Virgina Commonwealth University*********************
School of nuclear engineering
The 2014 senior project team has just completed their fusor,
without faculty involvement beyond oversight, and it is fusing!
They sought out and obtained outside funding to make this happen.
Admitted 4/11/14


Jack Puntawong, Thailand admitted 7/29/14
Bob Reite admitted 9/15/14
Nick Peskosky admitted 1/10/15
Ryan Catalano admitted 4/10/15
Bern Bareis admitted 4/23/15
Jamie Edwards admitted 6/11/15
Scott Moroch and Jack Rosky admitted 9/1/15
Jim Kovalchick admitted 10/19/15
Greg Courville admitteed 2/15/16
Daniel Itkis, Luca Ponzio and Johannes Konrad (team effort). admitted 3/21/16
Zan Chaudhry 9/21/16
Dennis Brown 2/15/17
Garrett Young 2/20/17 First person to ever exceed 1 million n/s TIER in a 2.75 conflat cross. Quickly hit 2.7 mega n/s!!
Nicholas Pitt 4/27/17
Bernhard Schistad 6/12/17
ERGO Fusion team......Tom Bales, Pedro Pavao, Tomas Pinilla, Kat Cochran, Zeke Andreassen, Gregory Bales. 7/29/17
Steven Haid 8/13/17
Robert Dwyer 11/5/17
Jackson Oswalt 2/1/18
Erik Smith 4/29/18
University of Maryland -Team effort - Scott Moroch, Tim Koeth, "Jimbo" Krutzler, Jay Howson 5/27/18
U. MD update: 1/11/20 Now 20 million n/s of D-D fusion in a team built Cyclotron!! The first Amateur built cyclotron to do fusion. They are also claiming First Amateurs to do fission with cyclotron neutrons!
Joe Gayo 1/15/19
Enzo Carter 1/29/19
Liam David 7/6/19
Mark Rowley 7/21/19 Mark later was the first amateur to do fusion in a linear pinch discharge device 11/24/19
Eduardo and Christiano Machado (father-son team) 10/27/19
Vince Darmancier 12/4/19
Nathan Marshall 5/9/20


The following listing is due to the effort of Tom Ligon and represents
those people in the Neutron Club who attained fusion while still in
high school! Quite an accomplishment, to be sure.

Michael Li - winner $75k Intel scholarship (fusor), 2003
Craig Wallace - winner $1.5k Intel 2nd place (Fusor)
Adam Parker - winner of $10k Alabama scholarship in science
Thiago Olson - beautiful project, passed muster with state inspectors
Taylor Wilson
Tyler Christensen
Ben Bartlett- Ben attended ISEF 2009
Matthew Honickman
Chad Ramey – Student of Promise Award. Grand Award Georgia State
Engineering and Science fair...Beat out over 600 other exhibits.
Brian McDermott
Raymond Jimenez
Will Jack - science fair winner with fusor
Conrad Farnsworth
Michal Racko - Supervisor Michal Stano PhD.
Ryan Catalano
Charles Vorbach admitted 4/16/16
Kuba and Noah Anglin admitted 4/26/16
Sam_Samidi_Pugh 10/14/17
Matthew Lallinger 12/27/17
Jackson Oswalt 2/1/18 -
I will attempt to keep this listing up dated should future
high school students be inducted into the Neutron Club.


While most of the above have used the particle colliding, inertial
electrostatic confinement, "Farnsworth fusor" device, this list is
not limited to this form of fusion. Any form of actual AMATEUR,
"hands-on", experimental,fusion research effort and its success
will be logged here.

It must be realized that this list is not regularly purged based on
moribund activity. It is, instead, assembled to bear witness to any
and all who have put forth some fusion related effort in the past or
are working at present in the effort. Some of the folks on this list
have long ago departed or ceased work in their fusion quest.

Richard Hull


Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 1:27 pm
by Richard Hull
August 14th, 2007.........

I have decided to alter the operation of this listing.

1. All simple request posts to be added to one of the lists will be deleted once you are added to the list. This is to just reduce the number of posts with no data in them.
2. If you post images of your effort in the "Image Du Jour" forum and then, in that same post, make your request, I will not purge that post.
3. You must supply your full name (first and last) to be added to the listing. Computer "handles" or silly code names like "Mr. Plasma Head", "ChalresE", "snake doctor", Mr. Big, Nasty Nuthin', etc., WILL NOT BE ADDED to any listing.
If you want to be logged on, use a human being's full name. First and last given names, fully listed, will be the only thing entered.

The Scroungers list...........

I have PURGED many folks from the scrounger's list and will continue to do so based on complete disappearance of the scroungers from the forum's discussion. (failed in their mission to make even a demo device). You may re-apply to me to be restored, it will show me you are still alive. This list is just growing too long with folks who appear to have moved on.

You will not be purged if you post occassionally, join in active discussions or, in some other way, support our effort.

The Scrounger's list is not one of accomplishment, but instead, one of "stated intent". As such, I will update the list with new scoungers as requested, but will not announce it in the main text block as in the past. Their names will just appear added to the listing.

There are two ways to be purged from the scroungers list......1. Inactivity within the forums....2. Get yourself moved to an accomplishment or hero's listing, (plasma or neutron club), through proven deed.

Plasma and Neutron Clubs................

The other two lists, (Plasma Club and Neutron Club) are ones of accomplishment and will never be altered, but stand as a testament to the success of these forums and a few of its most physically active members in a quest to do fusion with their own hands or demo its real possibility with a physical device.

Finally, I am not perfect. I miss a lot of things. If your name is on the Scrounger list and you have made a demo fusor, please refer me back to the post where you proved this and I will add you to the Plasma Club.

If you make the Neutron club, Your name will be purged from the Plasma club as you will have obviously already satisfied the Plasma club listing. Basically, your name will only exist in these listings in one place at any one time.

Added 8/16/12

A name can be purged from the Plasma or Neutron club if at any time evidence appears that any sort of fakery or mis-representation of achievment is presented to the forums which starts an investigation that finds the offender guilty of misrepresentation of the achievement awarded to him or her in the past.

Richard Hull


Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 3:05 pm
by Paul_Schatzkin
I think these "rules" are good ones, Richard, and I commend you for your diligent maintenance of this list. As you say, it's a true testament to the measure of interest in this subject around the world.

Thanks for you tireless efforts.



Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 7:24 pm
by Richard Hull
The ultimate praise falls back on the perfesser who has supplied all the bandwidth since I think it was DEC 1998?!!

He had just added the fusion section to his extant Farnsworth forum on the old "Songs" website. We have been through three iterations of this effort. I have been there from what amounts to day #1 and am proud to have been able to contribute to see this forum group grow and blossom into a national forum of fusion for the amateur scientist.

I dare not tell you of how many e-mails I get where folks ask me how I started the site or if I could do this or that on the site to enhance it. I quickly dispell this common mis-conception. I note that the bandwidth and site belong to the Perfesser and that the Perfesser and Ryan Edgar see to the mechanical nuts and bolts of the site, while I merely try and clean out detritis from a couple of forums and keep the daily flow moving in good order.

Just curious, and I should know, is their anyone still here who signed on to the old songs site back in the late 90's? If so, you are one of the grand old men here. I think there might be as many as 5, total??.

Addendum Dec 2011: In the last two years at HEAS we have met in conclave and fine tuned the forum to include several "administrators". This is a small group of computer savvy young folks and some "old hands" who act as site watchdogs and site modifiers. This group cleans up messes, stops negative issues from development and generally improve the utility of the site by adding new features or updating and modifying older ones. So, it is now a much larger effort than ever with more dedicated, and trusted folks involved in the day-to-day oversight and maintenance.

Richard Hull

Re: FUSIONEER LIST (updated)

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:54 pm
by Richard Hull
Well, we have nearly 60 people, (including individuals as part of a group), who have done nuclear fusion, using about 50 different fusors. That is a long way from the first full year of opeartion of the old "" fusor forum when only two people were fusioneers.

This effort keeps on growing and that is great! This means that there are a lot more people out their who can really talk about fusion intelligently from the "doing" end in the amateur world. A continuous group of newbs are becoming old hands at fusion and starting to guide others in their first efforts.

Richard Hull

Re: FUSIONEER LIST (updated)

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:46 pm
by Paul_Schatzkin
Aww, shucks, when I saw that it had been updated I thought maybe Jamie Edwards had qualified. He'd better either hurry up with the documentation – or stop getting older.



Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:03 pm
by Richard Hull
A long overdue update.......... We are now on Go Daddy as a provider for The migration has been intrinsically successful, but many attachments over the years in the form of diagrams and photos have be lost. The new group of site workers appears below.

Paul Schatskin - "the perfesser" and originator of this entire venue. (Original)
Frank Sanns - long time admin
Andrew Robinson - Last 4 years

Richard Hull - (original)

Work proceeds in trying to restore the original attachments of old.

Richard Hull