Notice HEAS #32 will be held!!

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Notice HEAS #32 will be held!!

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:31 pm

Last year, as you all know, there was some trepidation about holding the 1st Saturday in October yearly HEAS Conference here in Richmond due to covid19. Also, as you all know, last year's event was indeed held! We had a bit over half of our more normal 45-55 attendees. All had a blast and we had 0.0 cases go home with Covid. (superb)

Well, with this plague on the run, the 2021 HEAS conference #32 will be held this October...Period! Note: this is not time for the usual open invitations, but just a notice that there is no question as to whether it will be held. It will be held.

I will put up my usual open invitation some time in June or July for applicants to have their name put on the guest/attendee listing. Until then, get vaccinated and stay happy and safe.

The positivity rate here is currently 5% and dropping like a stone. I think last year at HEAS it was around 8% and no one got sick. As for me and th' wife, We have gone out to a restaurant about two times weekly here taking no notice of Covid all through 2020 and all of 2021, even during the terrible Christmas/new years blast when the local positivity rate was 18%!!! No Covid for us, just great grub at local eateries! We only got our first shot of the Pfizer a week or so ago and will get our second puncture on Mar 27th. We refused to allow our lives to be ruled by the pandemic. I hope all are well and that no one got hit by this mess. No one I personally know here in Richmond contracted Covid all last year!??? (The positivity rate I quote is for all of Virginia, of course. Most of it stayed in the Northern VA high density DC area.)

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