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Jim Kovalchick
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Re: Sigh...

Post by Jim Kovalchick » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:27 pm

I have a ton of respect for what Carl Greninger has done with his STEM education fusor efforts. That project has always focused on real science without the sensationalized hype seen for some youth science fair driven projects. I see this latest project a little differently. Getting kids in the mode of BS'ing the potential of projects tends to promote the concept of funding projects for the hype versus real potential worth. This is the same bad habit that has caused countless tax dollars to be wasted zero gain projects.
I am also concerned that the kids themselves are actually being taught to believe the hype.

Perhaps the neutron club should have a special toddler section.

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Richard Hull
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Re: Sigh...

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:58 pm

As I noted above and Paul further commented with the URL..... The Washington State group and effort is the plus-ultra example of "the" ideally directed educational effort, not just for fusion but to point interested students to the concepts behind science and to appreciate team research efforts. If such efforts can't gain enough momentum within themselves or on the part of their progenitors in the form of money and verve, then perhaps they should die on the vine. The Washington effort was not one of these failed, half-hearted efforts. Go-fund-me efforts sound nice, but how many go to fruition?

Guts and drive made the Washington State effort the "morning star" of educational science achievement.

Richard Hull
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