Hot From HEAS 2019: The Big Story

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Hot From HEAS 2019: The Big Story

Post by Paul_Schatzkin » Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:35 pm

There was a videographer at the HEAS in Richmond last month.

The resulting story, featuring Richard Hull and his Fusor IV, is now online for all to see: ... e-backyard

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Rex Allers
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Re: Hot From HEAS 2019: The Big Story

Post by Rex Allers » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:11 am

That's a nicely done video.

Having not been there yet, that's the first time I heard Richard's voice.
Rex Allers

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Re: Hot From HEAS 2019: The Big Story

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:30 pm

Why the hell did they have to make it about me!? You did get to see the fun of the event. Free wheeling, no organization, just enjoyable bonding in a wonderfully scattered and smothered bedlam of buying, selling, chatting, communing with like souls with no one in charge of your day but yourself. You get to decide the others you wish to go to herd with and that herd varies as the day moves on as you join other loosely coupled groups in discussions. You will hear something that will catch your interest in passing little wads of people standing, walking or sitting.

Blessedly, the only semblance of order is around 7 PM when the scheduled talks begin. Presentations and demos power point projected on the 7 foot by 5 foot screen hold sway as those who are in the know show their stuff in a highly digestible format that rivets those interested in the talk to the subject. Others not interested in that specific talk sit out in the yard in chairs and chat, eat munchies and drink sodas or bottled water. The half hour or less talks and active demos end around 9:30 PM and the entire thing returns to the much appreciated bedlam of small groups and more unscheduled demos inside the lab. Outside, some demos that require darkness hold sway like plasma shows, small Tesla coil running, etc.

As the hour grows late, the October chill moves the bulk of the outdoor remnant folks indoors for yet more freewheeling discussions. By 11PM many are saying good-bye, but there is always 10-15 of the 50 attendees staying on for more chats and tighter knit groups and demos. By 1 or 2 AM Sunday morning 4 to 7 real die-hards are still doing stuff and tasking me to sell them special materials from my hoard. I will not chase anyone off if they have the stamina. For one or two years out of the 30, I have stayed up and gone to breakfast at 7AM with die-hards who really are interesting. In general though, I outlast them all and the lab is closed up around 3AM Sunday morning. Needless to say, I sleep well and long.

Late Sunday, after I wake up, I am out picking up trash accidentally left behind by those out in the dark. Most everyone cleans up after themselves in the conveniently located trash cans for trash and recyclable aluminum cans or carry off their own trash in bags they have thoughtfully supplied for themselves. Chairs are folded up and packed away. Trash cans in the lab are dumped and leftover sodas, water, and munchies are stored away to be consumed at our future local monthly HEAS meetings.

Monday is an all day "put away my stuff day". The lab is a mess, I empty the coolers, clean them and stash them away for next year. I have to put away a lot of larger, bulky items items that I had set out for sale that did not get sold. This takes at least 2-3 hours.

HEAS is quite a commitment on my part and becoming more so as old age closes in on me, but as long at people are willing to spend their time and treasure getting here I intend to hold the event.

Richard Hull
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David Rosignoli
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Re: Hot From HEAS 2019: The Big Story

Post by David Rosignoli » Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:51 am

For those not aware, the camera man was there the entire weekend and even on Sunday. So from hours and hours of footage was distilled less than 4 minutes of video. Ready for the causal observer perusing the internet for a video that might catch one's eye. Such is the modern era we live in trying to compete for one's attention amid countless cat videos. The video is well done and professional. I think it does capture the HEAS event well. While a lot of focus is on Richard I think that is justified since he is the one who has hosted it and continues to do so, providing his sage advice on Fusors and such. (Thanks Richard)

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