Not good news about the lost links on the site

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Bob Reite
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Re: Not good news about the lost links on the site

Post by Bob Reite » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:21 pm

More thoughts: I'd really like to get my hands on a mysqldump of the site database, plus a .tar or .tgz file of the forum directory and mirror it on one of my servers.
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Frank Sanns
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Re: Not good news about the lost links on the site

Post by Frank Sanns » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:36 am

We appreciate your ideas to find the problem. Early on we have tried what you are all suggesting. The problem is that some of the attachment files vanished about a week before MT crashed the site with the SQL error being the only semblance of the site left.

The reason the site was down for around a day was to give Media Temple one more attempt to restore the files. We pointed the DNS numbers back to Media Temple so it was back on their data base. Media Temple could not only not find the lost attachments, but they could not even get the site to come back online. Amongst other things, they said the fusor.phpbb_config' doesn't exist [1146]. It seems that many files beside the attachments vanished on their servers.

As for the files being there but not showing, that is just not the case. The number of attachments that are reported by the site are 13,715. The number of attachments in the files directory are only 9,998. As I, Andrew, and the php expert that Paul employed to try to get us up, the attachments are just not there. No amount fiddling with the forum structure and data can retrieve something that is not there.

For those of you that want to take action, take it up with Media Temple. These same people that were crushing us with over charges, these same people whose tech and customer service would not be acceptable for an underdeveloped country, whose backups are limited to a week or less, whose accountability is zero.

Be grateful that the move was happening when it did or there was a good chance we would have lost the entire site. Had it not been for that long hand backup of August 2nd along with the double, time the structure and data backups, that by August 12th, the site may have been sufficiently degraded to the point of no return.

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Richard Hull
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Re: Not good news about the lost links on the site

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:32 am

As always I am working with a small rock hammer chipping away at the the FAQ tunnel's coal face. As I have written intrinsically 100% of all FAQs total repair of the attachments is more or less immediately doable. (month or two) I carry on with the task and will update my nearby post here in the admin post forum about such updated FAQ repairs. Please, check it often.

I have suggested to my fellow admins that the finest and most trusted of our old boys might be granted full editing privileges of their own old posts so that they might find any posts of theirs that are damaged for which they have images and make repairs. I further suggested that this must be by request of the old boy who wants to help out. We will see if this is doable at the admin level and if they agree. I see this as a way to get back some of our finest posts attachments put up by the best people currently here.

I realize we killed private, personal editing privileges to keep idiots who came and went or got upset for insane reasons from erasing their old posts, leaving holes in discussions and threads.

Returning such privileges for life to our best here at their request, might just see, in the long term, repairs made on some of the best post's attachments by their originators. I can see no other way to even dent the severe loss.

Barring a miracle, I doubt if in 5 years we will ever see even a 25% recovery of lost attachments. We are probably looking at nearly 100% no attachment recovery from valuable very early postings by many of the oldest old boys who went for 4-10 years with us and are now gone. We are going to have to rely on our recent newer old boys and two or three of the oldest old, old boys to do some patchwork on their material to help us out. For many of us in the old codgers club who have an extensive post record, I know this seems a "bridge too far". Offer to pick up a small rock hammer and join me at the coal face of you old posting tunnel. Apply today! Your fusor site needs you!

For the sake of record and if the admins agree, I am creating a thread here in the admin forum.
If you have the guts and verve to wish to repair some of you old post's attachments that have gone missing just reply and simple state "Billy Jones wants editing privileges" and close it out.
In this matter, we will have a list of folks who stand ready to help out should the admins desire to give you the editing privilege.
NOTE: All of the powers that be here take the editing privilege as a sacred gift.
If you should be granted this gift, do not abuse it! Never ever delete one of your own posts. Feel free to correct spelling, punctuation or to add text to make the post more clear in your second pass.
Remember, your main mission is to erase the old attachments and re-install your images or any new ones that you feel would further enhance your post.

I view this as an opportunity in a situation where we are stranded in a boat at sea. It is all hands on deck. We will never get the pleasure of the old Queen Mary back, but we can fix what we can fix and only then relax on a ship that is as good as we can make her.

Richard Hull
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Frank Sanns
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Re: Not good news about the lost links on the site

Post by Frank Sanns » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:12 pm

In sea of despair over the lost photos comes a glimmer of light. It is true that many of the photos that existed on MT are indeed gone. However, there, off in a distant corner, existing in obscurity, in the shadow of the forum before it was migrated to phpBB, exists essential all of the photos between 2001 and 2013.

They are on my hard drive as well as on the new host site now. The bad news is that they are not in a form that is comparable with dumping them in a directory and have them show up properly.

Andrew is going to attempt to find a way unify the naming so they can self install where they need to be. This a long shot and may not be viable. In the worst of circumstanced, we might need to solicit help from those have been around durning that time to try to reinsert the approximately 3,700 missing photos back into their proper locations.

We are not asking for help yet but it is important that you know that we have made some local progress with zero help from Media Temple.

To show the importance of these original stashed pictures, here is one for the historical record to show that we are on the right path.

4545.MVC-004F.JPG (67.58 KiB) Viewed 1168 times

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Re: Not good news about the lost links on the site

Post by Paul_Schatzkin » Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:11 am

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