Almost all the FAQs are broken

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Re: Almost all the FAQs are broken

Post by Rex Allers » Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:47 pm

There is a definite pattern to this broken links problem. I'm not sure if my earlier observation has registered with Frank or others on the case. Here's the post I made about it:
Re: Missing photos
Post by Rex Allers » Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:08 pm

For *certain users* in any post they made prior to the site move, *all attachments* have broken links. The attachments can be pics but also docs and (I assume, anything uploaded).

So the issue has to be a problem with something related to user-id in linking to uploaded files. Maybe there is a directory for each user that holds all their uploaded files and something happened to its name or existence. Maybe there is a problem in the database related to user-id and pointing to file links. I have no real idea what the DB structure looks like.

When the user first registered is not part of the issue (I guess the user-id would increment as a new user is added). Two users with the problem are Richard and Joe Gayo. Richard has been around since the beginning. Joe only joined around the beginning of 2019.

The users with this problem on their attachments can create new posts with attachments that work. In Richard's case, having editing privileges, he can replace broken link attachments. I wonder if repairing attachments post by post will later complicate things if we find the issue and have a way to repair (relink) all of a users attachments.

I had my own phpBB that I set up a few years ago. I got the board working but never got to having members, so it has just been sitting unused. I was going to experiment with that BB to see what I could learn about how attachments and linking work. The phpBB software was very down level (3.0.xx) so I thought I would start by upgrading. Unfortunately that process failed. Now even cleaning out everything and starting with a fresh install isn't working -- the install fails. I have nothing to play with.

I may try again to get my test BBS working so I can look at the structure in a safe environment, but I'm not going to have the spare time over the next two weeks.
Rex Allers

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Re: Almost all the FAQs are broken

Post by Frank Sanns » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:53 pm

Yes, thank you. I did see that and it was the data I needed to fix many of the thumbnails and some of the images.

It does seem strange that it is only some posters and has nothing to do with changing screen names, or passwords.

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