Any chance of an off-topic or non-fusion forum?

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Chris Mullins
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Re: Any chance of an off-topic or non-fusion forum?

Post by Chris Mullins » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:20 am

It would be interesting to have a subforum that could cover DIY/home-built particle beam systems, ultra high vacuum, plasma physics, ion propulsion (e.g. mentioned here by Michael Bretti), sputtering, etc., hidden if not logged in. The existing site seems so clean and on-point that it's easy to visualize a new catch-all DIY physics subforum that is just as clean and full of interesting, informative discussions. I'm not sure it would work out that way though.

I'd guess that the behind-the-scenes moderation for a wide-ranging subforum would be a lot of work, and perhaps impossible to keep at the same level as the rest of the site (and could even bring the level of discourse down on all forums). Richard and the other moderators would have a much better feel for that than a normal poster like me would.

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Re: Any chance of an off-topic or non-fusion forum?

Post by ian_krase » Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:15 am

Ahhh, well.

At times I have toyed with the idea of starting an independent non-fusion vacuum and plasma forum, or possibly even a Discord (chat network similar to a more modern version of IRC). Thus far, I've mostly refrained from actually doing so due to the problem of moderation (which just proves your point), and to a lesser extent the negative effect of splitting some of the userbase from here. I suppose in the end it's unavoidable...

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Frank Sanns
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Re: Any chance of an off-topic or non-fusion forum?

Post by Frank Sanns » Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:10 am

This latitude for technical discussions on this forum is already quite broad. No, free energy, religion and politics are not discussed here but it this is a heavy duty, diverse technical discussion space.

We have a full heading for vacuum alone. Everything vacuum can be discussed there and has. Equipment from UHV to refrigerator compressors and everything in between. Same with detection equipment. Circuits, tubes, meters, oscilloscopes, you name it.

Even the plasma club does not need a person to have a fusor. First light in any container and any pressure, voltage, current, and gas qualifies.

Technical plasma discussions are welcome here because it has relevance to first light and to fusion.

I think the forum is quite diverse for discussion but has not be filled out very much over the past few years. A decade ago, there was a huge technical enrollment and discussion in the forums. In more recent years, the New User Area is the most heavily visited with just tidbits of Q & A . Get some heavier duty topics going in the relevant forums and I think you will get some good response.

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