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Site Migration in Progress

Post by Frank Sanns » Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:33 am

The overages each month have been consuming us. We have continued to shrink and tighten up things that should not have to be tightened. Despite that, our hosting service has continued to charge us overages that have now reached into the hundreds of dollars each month. It is just not sustainable.

We have selected to relocate the site to another hosting service. In addition we are splitting off the fusor forum from being under WordPress. The WordPress format complicates significantly making changes to the phpBB structure. A change to the phpBB structure also means that WP does its own thing to absorb and interpret the change. Once changed, it is a hunt to figure out all of the structural changes made within numerous WP files. I for one will be very glad for the simplification.

As of today, we are in the process of moving the entire fusor site to another hosting provider. The structure is rebuilt on the new host but some details need to be address before we change the DNS to point there. We are asking for your patience for the next few days as we finish the move. I am sure there will be some bugs so bear with us and let us know what you are seeing. Until then, any new posts may not appear on the new site as I have just taken a backup and that will be our starting point.

Nothing that you are doing should change. The URL and everything should all be the same so you need not adjust your television set. Stay tuned!

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