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Speakers at HEAS!

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Sep 14, 2021 8:06 pm

We have 4 speakers scheduled to give presentations. While 30 minutes is typically allotted, consider the audience and keep it as short as possible. Everyone would be happy with a riveting talk that slides over 30 minutes if it is a visual presentation in progress. Others will drift in and out in a droning verbal exposition of 20 minutes.

As such, make your talk or presentation interesting. I have video projector in the ceiling as most of you know to project onto a large screen in the lab. if you can have a video on your computer or a power point presentation make use of this. Bring your portable computer with your show installed. I can plug the projector's 15pin CRT plug into you computer's RGB port and have it up on screen. Likewise, for physical show and tells with gear in hand and setup, I will have the entire back presentation bench area cleared for you demo. I have (6) 120 outlets on the table, plus an 8 amp variac bolted to the table should you need a variable plug-in AC power source.

All talks will typically begin after we return from the evening meal around 7-7:30 PM and run until they are done. After that informal demos including the fusor running will take place. I will have the Lab open until the last guy leaves. typically this is 2-3 AM Sunday morning. Note: for those staying in a motel and leaving Sunday morning, I will have breakfast at Eat 33 (old mac Leans) restaurant at 9AM Sunday. Get with me if you would like to breakfast with me the morning after. Saturday morning...the day of...I will eat at Eat 33 at 8AM.

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