Covid-19 thread locked and moved to the archives

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Richard Hull
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Covid-19 thread locked and moved to the archives

Post by Richard Hull » Sat Nov 07, 2020 8:20 pm

In discussing the ever expanding, 22 page long, Covid-19 thread with Frank Sanns, we have decided to lock the thread and move it to the archives.

The following reasons and future conditions stated below are now given. The admin and moderator reasons for this is decision is due to our feeling that since this is a fusor, fusion and related amateur scientist site, human health and medical issues have no place here. The ever more politicalized issues swimming around the covid-19 issue have no place on and that such material is far more suitable to be placed on Facebook, Twitter of some other venue far more conducive to such discussions. We are sorry to have allowed this to continue this long. is not a general "chat room"

We have felt and continue to feel that all posts here should be of some value to the functioning amateur scientist related to its original mission. (The Farnsworth fusor) Since this site's inception by Paul Schatskin, it has fostered the concept of fusion done by the amateur scientist and has included many needed and valuable topics for general instruction and discussion. All future posts and discussions should limit themselves to the following fusion related subjects.

The simple "Farnsworth" fusor as commonly built and operated here
Fusion news in general
Fusion theory and related nuclear physics theory
Vacuum science and technology related to fusors and amateur efforts to be undertaken therein
Electrical and electronic power supply issues including general safety information related to the high voltages required to do fusion.
Plasma dynamics and experiments
Neutron activation techniques for advanced fusioneers
Associated material science related to amateur fusion
Operational issues and construction of amateur fusion devices of all types.
Nuclear radiation physics issues related to fusion and its detection, including related electronics.
The handling and production of the one and only legal fusion fuel gas (deuterium)
Historical references related to the Farnsworth ITT effort in the 1960s and information related to past discoveries and efforts related to fusion and radiation physics.
Electronics, (micro controllers), specifically related to remotely controlling and instrumentation of fusion devices
Images of actual efforts related to any of the above.
Fission as related to fusion in a purely theoretical sense. (fission discussions are allowed as it is the only source of usable nuclear energy on the planet)

Discussions related to illegal use or assembly of any nuclear item or experiment contrary to NRC regulations inside the U.S. will be not be allowed and will suffer erasure.

The above is a suggested range of normally discussed issues at over the years and should not be considered complete.

Richard Hull
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Covid-19 thread locked and moved to the archives

Post by Dennis P Brown » Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:09 am

Agreed; this is a fusor forum and plasma physics/vacuum related topics

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