hi from Kentucky

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Richard Siena
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hi from Kentucky

Post by Richard Siena » Wed Nov 03, 2021 9:02 pm

Hi, I'm new to the forum. Interested in learning more about the topic. Would love to build one. Not sure how realistic that is.


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Dennis P Brown
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Re: hi from Kentucky

Post by Dennis P Brown » Wed Nov 03, 2021 10:05 pm


First, once you decide you want to do more than just read, you'll need to decide on a path. One can decide to join the plasma club and stop there. Or to build a demo fusor (and maybe stop there); after that, add to it in order to create a real fusor (requires real power supply, deuterium gas, and a neutron detector system of some type). The choice depends on money and motivation.

To attempt any of those projects one item you will absolutely need in order to get started is a good two stage vacuum pump. Deals can be found but this is an innate cost that allows one to get serious about any attempt. Vacuum gauges, cheap power supplies (for a plasma only) and electronic related equipment as well as hoses/connectors for vacuum work are then required basic items one must get in order to get started on any path. Again, there are deals on ebay but one must be attentive and know what to look for and how to bid wisely. Learning is basic to all fusor work.

Bottom line - there are many approaches once you decide to get serious - from buy everything and create a near turn key system to people that build their own power supplies, make their own deuterium gas, mfg. their own chambers from SS (all machine work and welding) and build what ever they can to save money. One thing no one can build is a neutron detector - that you must buy.

In any case, lots of posts on people here who built most of their stuff, and then posts on results. Read old posts on a host of such topics and decide at what level (if any) you wish to begin.

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