Hey-o from Ontario!

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Hey-o from Ontario!

Post by illya » Wed Nov 03, 2021 1:16 am

Student from Ontario here. Although I am primarily interested in software, I have been a long-time reader of posts on this forum. I first wanted to build a fusor 2 years ago (I was 15 then) when I saw a video of magnetron sputtering, which is not super related, but it did lead me on this rather lengthy journey. I have done lots of research, tests, and so on; I am constantly thinking about it, but I am rather reluctant to proceed in constructing one as it can be pretty dangerous and expensive, and I have to have the highest cautiousness and certainty when doing anything. Nevertheless, I am determined, and I will try to do what I can in order to achieve fusion... because come on, it's amazing.

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