Hello from Saudi Arabia

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Real name: Ali Bukhamseen

Hello from Saudi Arabia

Post by Ali_Hassan » Tue Sep 28, 2021 10:46 am

Hi every one

My name is Ali Hassan. I am Electrical and electronics engineer from Saudi Arabia.

I like Particle physics and sub-atomic particles. I visited CERN in Geneva in 2019. i am reading a lot of books and researches in Nuclear power.
I am interested in Fusors and the physics, Electrical, phenomena and all knowledge involved.

i have a Science lab in my house that have microscope and 3-D printer.

I am planning to build my own Fuser by myself in my Lab.

I am proud to join Fusor family and the cooperation between team members.

sharing experience and knowledge together is the best way to reach to the clean power source.

Ali Hassan Bukhamseen

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