Hello, I'm from Florida

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Matt Salek
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Hello, I'm from Florida

Post by Matt Salek » Mon Aug 30, 2021 3:04 pm

Hello, I am Matt Salek. I am from Jacksonville, Florida USA. I am a high school student, currently in my Sophomore year. I am currently in the process of constructing a farnsworth proto-fusor for the ISEF science fairs. I am interested in plazma confinement and the neutron generation aspects of fusion and plan to measure the neutron counts and fusion efficency with different levels of voltage. I am currently looking for helpful articles and papers on experiments conducted on simular fusion reactors. This website introduced my to my project idea and I am very greatful for the help that I have already gotten off this website and hope to learn more as I complete my project.
Thank you.

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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Hello, I'm from Florida

Post by Dennis P Brown » Mon Aug 30, 2021 4:21 pm

Hello. A demo fusor would be a good idea - not sure what a proto-fusor would be or entail; the experiment you out line requires both a very serious fusor and a lot of experience. Both take a lot of effort and likely time and certainly money if one doesn't build their own equipment. There are a lot of good articles/experiments here in the forum (requires searching) and the FAQ's are both essential to look over and required in order to understand and obtain real working knowledge on fusors. One issue - a real fusor is an extreme electrocution hazard and can be a dangerous source of x-rays. Such a device requires special safety precautions to be used.

As for technical articles that are published, simply google but most are university level (Plasma physics) and not really relevant for most people that build fusors - plasma confinement is a topic area that even PhD physicist can't really master (see all the failed fusion devices - ;) .) This forum has the most useful information you are likely to find concerning practical fusors.

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