Aerospace Engineer in Seek of Viable Airborne Power Source

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Bob Reite
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Re: Aerospace Engineer in Seek of Viable Airborne Power Source

Post by Bob Reite » Sat Aug 07, 2021 5:12 pm

I went on as a guest, and clicked the "register" link and got the rules. The "use your real name" and "Your first post is introduce yourself" rules are the very first. But all of the text is "normal" small font. Perhaps the first two rules should be in bold as those are the rules we have the most trouble with. The other rules, such as no illegal stuff, profanity etc we rarely have problems wth and people are used to those as most forums have them.
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Rex Allers
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Re: Aerospace Engineer in Seek of Viable Airborne Power Source

Post by Rex Allers » Sun Aug 08, 2021 12:05 am

I had created a formatted, with some bold, version of the Rules that new registrants see. (See below.) I got this edit installed on the old site. Some time around the site move, it was lost and reverted to a mostly phpBB default. I made some effort connecting to get it installed and also did some work on the details of the lost attachments problem. Eventually I came to the impression that my help on phpBB related issues wasn't really desired that much. So I have become just a mostly lurking member.

C'est la vie.

The following is a BB-ised version of my suggested Rules page.
The actual changes need to be in html, but a forum post doesn't support html.
I have a copy of the html changes.

The Rules:
(updated 151214) (From

By registering for membership in this site, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:
  1. The first rule of membership in these forums is:
    You must create your account using your real, full, first AND last names as the LogIn/UserID for your account.

    If your name is John Smith, your UserID (i.e. login handle) must be John Smith, or John_Smith. This is the name that will appear in the forum listings. “JSmith” or “JohnS” or “JS997” or “handles” like “MrFusion” or “ProtonBoy” are NOT permitted.

    New accounts that do not adhere to this simple rule will be summarily deleted without any further consideration. Any questions? OK, rolling right along…

  2. New members are required to introduce themselves in the "Please Introduce Yourself" forum prior to posting elsewhere on the site.

  3. The following types of content, and any links to such content, are prohibited and subject to immediate deletion: obscene, vulgar, or sexually-oriented material; ad-hominem attacks; legal threats; displays or endorsements of unlawful activity; commercial advertising of any kind; solicitation of funding for individual projects or initiatives of any sort.

  4. All content posted must be one’s own, or attributed to the creator and used with permission.
If you have any issues with these protocols (particular #1), you are welcome to contact the site admins:

Rex Allers

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Frank Sanns
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Re: Aerospace Engineer in Seek of Viable Airborne Power Source

Post by Frank Sanns » Sun Aug 08, 2021 4:21 am


I am happy to put your updated registration form on the site. Send me the form and tell me where you would like it to be placed and I will do it.

There were so many problems from the corrupt files from Media Temple that we worked for weeks to get most of the important things fixed as well as we could. I have to be honest that the fine working or font of the registration file was not even on my radar with the major problems on the site.

I know you suggested that certain posters had the problem while others did not. In the end, the database of attachments was literally only 60% of what was on the site before the MT file corruption. What we had was permanently gone. I dont know what other options you speak of as what was gone was gone. We promoted you and others so you could have site wide editing and modification privileges to do what you could to restore. We are grateful for that. Thank you. I am not sure what other work that you might be referring to that we did not implement.

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