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Chuck Sherwood
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New user Chuck

Post by Chuck Sherwood » Sat Jun 05, 2021 8:46 pm

Hello everyone. I have read many articles on this site and decided it was time to join.
I stated building high vacuum systems a few years back and I have built up several diffusion pump based systems.
I also play with high voltage projects such as Tesla coils, but now focus on HV inside a vacuum chamber.

I am now retired and spend my time building interesting projects, several have been shown in "The Bell Jar".
I like restoring old test equipment and I am a very good amateur machinist, which is required for many projects.
I have built some of the projects in Prutchi's book "Exploring Quantum Physics through hands-on Projects".
I recently built the PMT amplifier shown in his book. Someday I would like to figure out how to connect it to an MCA.

One future project of interest is a cold trap using Peltier Coolers.

Looking forward to conversing with all of you.


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Dennis P Brown
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Re: New user Chuck

Post by Dennis P Brown » Sun Jun 06, 2021 10:41 pm

Hello and welcome; someone with your experience and skills can offer a lot of useful advice to others here. Surprised your not building a fusor considering your talents and interests.

Also, do note that every major forum header has FAQ's filled with a host of important fusor information related to that topic area; great to read for fusor details.

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