FAQ - Long termed descriptive name for a fusor

If you wonder how/why fusion works, or how/why the Fusor works, look here first.
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FAQ - Long termed descriptive name for a fusor

Post by Richard Hull » Thu May 26, 2016 11:46 pm

To do fusion within itself, ideally and theoretically, the fusor acts as an "inertially confined, electrostatically accelerated and focused, particle collider, within velocity space". A mouthful to be sure.

It is a deuteron creator. It is a deuteron accelerator. It focuses the accelerated deuterons toward a central point where they can be inertially confined. Here, the deuterons may collide. All of this happens in velocity space. (no reacting particle is ever stationary within the device.)

The commonly produced, amateur fusor does all of these theoretical processes very poorly, but it does them, nonetheless. It also has many other unexpected, "knock off", secondary processes that do fusion within it, as well! These processes are a result of not doing the other prime processes very well. All add up to more fusion than might first be expected based on the paucity of the resulting prime theoretical fusion methodology, upon which, the fusor was designed.

Another mouthful. "hard sayins" as the old southern comedian of the 50's and 60's, Brother Dave Gardner would have noted. I have tried to choose my words carefully above, so read slowly and over and over again.

These other complicated, probable, knock-off processes, mentioned above, are varied and complex and have been discussed elsewhere in the forums. They are far too involved for this FAQ

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