FAQ - So you think you are detecting neutrons electronically

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FAQ - So you think you are detecting neutrons electronically

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:27 pm

Nothing, and I mean nothing, puts you in the neutron club faster than neutron activation. However, if you have a flawless electronic neutron counting system and report openly and honestly related to neutron production, you will always be questioned and are subject to brutal cross examination by those in the know on the subject.

Russian neutron detection tubes are relatively inexpensive and can vary from moderately easy to set up for neutron detection to incredibly frustrating, especially in the hands of a rank amateur in electronics.

If you even begin to think you are producing neutrons, (doing fusion), but are not producing enough neutrons to activate one of the easy elements like silver, but enough to make the counter click above background to even the meanest intelligence, then do what Mark Rowley...(alias,"Clagwell") does in the video posted below.

That 3He tube he shows looks Russian?... Did he get his discrimination right?.... The voltage?.... Is he counting real neutrons?.... Hey, it's clicking away, right? You bet it is, but is it clicking due to neutrons?? Here is where Mark proves 100% that he is counting neutrons.

With great care and precision we watch the video following his every move. He shows his instrumentation with believable values while the counter is clicking away. This proves we are viewing a working device within normal fusion parameters. He has positioned his big, ugly black moderator right next to his fusor with his neutron detector tube in the moderator, which is a must have item surrounding the tube. He has also positioned, at the same distance from his fusor, a glass flask. He removes the tube from the moderator where it is detecting what are supposedly now thermal neutrons and then drops it into the flask where the same number of neutrons are hitting the tube, but they are fast neutrons. The tube doesn't count anymore!! Why? Because it can only count thermal neutrons. He shows the meter isn't counting any more and for a couple more "in-and-outs", he shows beyond all shadow of doubt.....1. He has his neutron detector fine tuned and working at the proper voltage and 2. It will only count thermal neutrons. 3. He is doing fusion.

Mark is proved to be a sharp cookie and has mastered neutron detection without ever activating anything, but even at a low count rate, demonstrates to all that he is doing fusion in his little fusor. It is that simple.

Watch and see how it is done by a smart cookie, who knows his stuff.......


If you ever show up claiming fusion via electronic neutron detection, but can't activate or afford a bubble dosimeter, this is how you do it and land in the neutron club.

You will notice we gave no instruction on how to setup the electronics, bias the tube or preamp the signal and then discriminate against noise or other radiations. if you are ready to vie for neutron club membership, you have already done this....or think you have. The above will help you figure out if you have or not.

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