#7 FAQ - It is continuous power that runs a fusor!

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#7 FAQ - It is continuous power that runs a fusor!

Post by Richard Hull » Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:59 pm

The crux of this FAQ is "it takes 500 or more continuous watts to run a successful, fusing fusor! It takes a lot of watts continuously flowing into a fusor gas load to do fusion. A minimalist supply, which can do rather easily detected and provable fusion at the amateur level, should have a continuously variable voltage delivery of from 0 volts up to at least 30,000 volts of negative polarity direct current at 20 to 30 milliamperes. (600 to 900 watts)

At 60 hz transformation, this means 30 lbs or more of iron core transformer to get this power delivery at the voltage needed. A proper, oil tanked 60 hz HV transformer might easily tip the scales at well over 60lbs or much more.

Two or three microwave transformers with with a voltage octupler will not cut it. A 60ma, 15,000 volt neon sign transformer will not cut it.

A high frequency super HV supply off of e-bay using a monster sized flyback and voltage multiplier will, also, not cut it.

No supply that runs off a battery will cut it. (Four or five car batteries in series might cut it with the right high frequency custom supply)

In general, any HV transformer system that needs more than simple voltage doubling will probably not be successful.

Let's face it....Only a heavy, old 60hz (circa 1960's or older dental x-ray transformer) or a special purpose old HV transformer can be used with a fusor controlled via a variac.

Enter the modern age................................................

Only a high frequency supply of special modern design can supply the 600 watts of continuously variable 0 to 30 kv at 30 ma with a smaller, lightweight transformer. Such a transformer might weigh well under 5 lbs. It can supply that energy continuously. They are out there and for under $6,000 you can buy one today! The entire supply will only be about 3-4 inches high and you can put it in a standard 19" rack mount and plug it into a common wall outlet.


You could roll your own high frequency, HV supply for under $200.00... if... You have the right stuff.

The right stuff is...A will to win, a good working knowledge of electronics, a lot of spare electronic parts of the right type and a source of the needed ferrite core or luck onto a high voltage high frequency transformer of the right size and type. We will not help you make one! It is left to the student as an exercise.

We are back to the old roadblock that has killed hundreds of fusion dreams here at fusor.net. This HV continuous power roadblock has separarated the men from the boys and the casual "gee whizzers" from the serious folks who pack the gear or cash needed to win.

Microscopic are the number of folks who will luck onto a ready to rock and roll, suitable, negative output fusor supply at a livable price. This leaves three categories remaining......1. Those who have the cash to outright purchase a new or working used High frequency supply of a modern type. 2. Those who build from scratch with a monster 60hz transformer HV supply. 3. Those who manufacture their own high frequency supply. This is just one of the major hurdles in doing fusion.

You will find yourself on this list of winners.... assuming you win, if you can say I.....

1. Purchased my supply new, ($$$$$)
2. Built my supply from scratch
3. Found a suitable, repairable or adaptable supply on e-bay or surplus market at a price well below the cost of a new supply.
4. Borrowed or was given a suitable supply as a gift or on loan.
5. Enlisted the guidance and assistance of a local college or school in my effort.

Remember, it is continuous, maintained high voltage at suitable current and wattage that is needed to power a fusor.

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