FAQ - Space for your fusor....Before you build

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FAQ - Space for your fusor....Before you build

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Mar 18, 2019 5:40 am

A full fusion system will take up some space in your home or garage. The vast majority of fusors are built in apartments or in private homes. We tend to pack our space with stuff and spare rooms or even garages can get cramped as the fusor construction moves forward.

The best permanent step-ups are found in vertical rack or custom cabinet installations. By going vertical, you make the best use of any space that you might carve out of an already cramped work area or living space.

Folks in an apartment or a a changing living or working environment might best be served building their fusor on a roll-around cart. A carted system can be moved about for demos and then rolled into a closet or small "cubby" set aside for storage when not in use. A carted fusor can be taken with little difficulty to new living or working spaces.

For either one of these types of system housing or assembly, you will need to do a lot of pre-planning. Make sure the vertical area or cart is large enough to contain all of the required gear. It is very important to mount things for ease of maintenance. The fore line mechanical pump must be a breeze to have its oil changed. Valves and gas delivery system components must be easy to access. The fusor should have its window directed to a camera or a mirror for viewing in such a way that the x-rays that will definitely pour out of it will not endanger on lookers or the operator.

There is so much to consider long before the first hole is drilled or bolt tightened.

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Re: FAQ - Space for your fusor....Before you build

Post by ian_krase » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:57 am

It's very important to keep a clean workspace with space to maneuver around the high voltage stuff.

Demo fusor stuff can shock you through the hair on the back of your hand, or several milimeters of air, and it can kill. An actual fusion fusor has something like 150mm of danger zone, unless you have it carefully fully insulated so as to be intrinsically safe. Voltages like this will ignore normal wire insulation and any signal or power cable that doesn't short to ground could become hot just by accidentally getting too close to something hot.

(If you have corona discharge from corners of the front panel of your vacuum gauge controller / display unit, you are doing something very wrong and very dangerous.)

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