FAQ - The carpenter? or his tools?

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FAQ - The carpenter? or his tools?

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:33 pm

It is said ...."it is a poor carpenter that blames his tools" The would-be fusioneer being the carpenter in this case.

Well, in many cases, noted in the race to do fusion, it is, indeed, the tools that are lacking!

Many of the tools, (much needed and required gear), needed to attempt fusion and brought to bear by the amateur are often weak or poor to begin with. Good tools cost money.... Very big money, if purchased new. Used tools, if well maintained, with a known history, can, in the hands of a good carpenter, serve very well.

The tools of fusion are very specific and very demanding in their nature and form. We are not building a bird house in 9th grade shop class. Many is the amateur who might feel well equipped and "on his way" to do fusion who are actually not well equipped at all. Too much kludging or allowing lesser materials to creep into the project can make even a determined carpenter seem rather shabby and inept. This can lead to frustration. Moneys that are available can be ill spent when materials or gear aren't up to the task at hand. More frustration can creep in.

Ultimately, all of this can fall back on the carpenter for showing up with sub-standard tools needed to do the job. One might say, in the fusor world, "it is a poor carpenter that is poor". (money-wise) Some carpenters are adept enough and arrive at a job who can make tools with what tools they have. Still, in many instantances, a struggling or failed carpenter needs to blame his tools. This can be said of any would-be fusioneer who thinks he ought to be moving forward and is not, for all his effort.

Get smart. Pay close attention to the work of others and learn from where they have payed for lesser tools and are struggling. Money works, always, in tool buying. I like to think that most who arrive here and want to do fusion are at least decent and often very capable carpenters. A good carpenter never tackles a job that is beyond his skill set or economic grasp.

Be a good carpenter and get good tools. Verve can only go so far......Still, "if you've got guts.... Guts is enough". (R. Lee Ermey - Full Metal Jacket - movie)

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