FAQ - What makes a fusor function?

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FAQ - What makes a fusor function?

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:47 pm

There is only one answer here.....YOU DO....Never think otherwise. Only you can ever make a fusor function and do fusion.

Physics, science and engineering artifice only ALLOW it to function and that is the end of their role in fusor function and fusion in general!

If YOU are not ready to DO and continue to DO, all the science and reading will have no meaning and you will never do fusion.

Former FAQs have given the secrets and details of construction, operational minutia and even the ultra fine tuning information demanded near the ragged edge of where in a simple platform, (fusor), with the right gas, at the right pressure, right voltage and right current can be made to do nuclear fusion. All of our fusion is done in a narrow zone between safe, but useless, low energy, glow discharge and total arc breakdown where things are destroyed in short order. All of this data is here in the FAQs.

Your job is to read all of the FAQs in a given area! Hopefully, you will read most all at first and then, later, remembering them, go back when they are critically needed to continue your journey to fusion via a now more knowledge and action based refresher update. As you DO, re-read and then, DO some more, etc.

Remember, only YOU can make your fusor function and do fusion. Physics, science and engineering all allow it to fuse! If it isn't fusing, YOU are doing something wrong....Your system is either not up to spec. to do fusion, or, if it is in spec., your operational skills are not honed to a point where fusion is possible using the good system that you now possess.

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