FAQ - Fusor gas delivery and pressure control system

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Re: FAQ - Fusor gas delivery and pressure control system

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:38 am

I have been advised I did not cover how and where to hook the gas system into the fusor in the FAQ.

We cannot help the helpless. The gas line can be connected anywhere you like on the fusor chamber. The gas lines can be copper or stainless steel. You will need to do whatever needs to be done to adapt all fittings and valves needed in your particular situation, based on how you get your deuterium gas, (tanked, electrolysis, etc.) No part numbers for fittings, no specific recommendations beyond those given related to Cajon VCR and Swagelock gas fittings.

Making a fusor is not for the person with little or no skills or ability to study the many images in the image du jour forum and see how others did their system construction. (pretty much monkey-see-monkey-do.)

For those too dull to comb the thousands of photos in images du jour, I submit a blow up from one of my images there. I really hope this is just about instructive enough to satisfy the meanest intelligence here.

For electrolysis,.... go fish...or....actually see how others have done this in their systems (past posts on the subject or image du jour). Mark Rowley has kindly given a URL related to this in the forums.

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