"Spin" information on Aether site

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"Spin" information on Aether site

Post by 001userid » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:58 pm

Not a fan of the Aether but I find interesting information within the context. I have yet to find an example of a "particle" that is forced to stop "spinning".


"There is no such thing as a subatomic particle that doesn't spin and/or merely sits quietly with no velocity. In fact, nobody has ever been able to stop the spin of a subatomic particle without destroying it. When protons are smashed with neutrons in a particle accelerator, the particles break up into smaller spinning quantities and then disappear almost instantly."

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Aether mechanics relitivity and vector partical bozo's

Post by badboybilzer » Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:22 pm

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second try

Post by badboybilzer » Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:32 pm

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ok second try worked

Post by badboybilzer » Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:52 pm

the reason my posts are failing is im trying to add a pdf
as an attachment

too bad it was a book on pre relitivistic science part one
if you e mail me i will send both
just put "FUSOR" in subject line
ill scan that in my email filter
the history of science and the AEther is the name if you use u torent or lime wire

email is badboybilzer@yahoo.com

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Donald McKinley
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Re: "Spin" information on Aether site

Post by Donald McKinley » Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:48 pm


Even if a particle has no spin. It makes sense to me, given that spin is always observed, that it would be because of the following.

To me spin is a repercussion of the fact that the magnetic component of electromagnetism is defined by curl. That combined with what I regard as a fact that electromagnetism is always present with (and not created by) acceleration.

If you have curl and acceleration of a field or particle, if you don't measure spin then it's time to check the instruments for malfunction. If they work and still no spin, it's time to adjust theory to match observation.

I agree with your writer that momentum is primary to mass. Momentum is the egg and mass is the chicken.


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Re: "Spin" information on Aether site

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:57 pm

I rarely find this kind of stuff interesting. This I found interesting. The guy has been noodling this out for a while. I respect that, whether I agree with it or not.

I believe in an aether of some form or fashion much as some believe in God...Rather mindlessly, I fear, bourne of a feeling from within. The scientist in me would like some proof, however, and this guy is at work on it in his own way.

I would be prepared for a G Force long before I would embrace quarks and neutrinos as components of matter as posited. Beta decay remains a great mystery for me, while for the onrushing scientists, it is that old solved thing. To which I reply ....Really?

It is gratifying to me to see someone thinking this deeply, realize the beta energy spectrum needs a quality, detailed explanation. It falls back to that neutron, colapsed protium with very special characteristics, that demands the highest investigation.

Richard Hull
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spin gyroscope and the electron propagating in hyperspace

Post by badboybilzer » Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:32 pm

four sources
christani merel of german institute of tech
on scalar wave propagation @ tesla confrence showing scalar wave demonstration

some long ago free energy guy who showed a gyroscope and said that
electrons flow like this wish i could remember his name to give him credit

Walter Russell prolly the frst "New Ager "
has graph of bidirectional electron flow (in timespace)
showing also spin as a chartable funtion of polarity and direction
(addendum he had the best peridic table i have seen to date that beats maxwells and crooks and Mendeleev )

Viktor Schauberger's "Repulsine implosion motor

Our desired medium of alchemy is to fuse to spinning and heated (random movement) semi hollow and spongy globes who have a pinpoint moment of
equalibrium repulsion

at that very moment we take a electrostatic pressure and literaly smash them together deforming electron orbits like jelly beans untill we have one jelly bean twice as big

our postulations of the uniquenes and the threshold of this reaction demands that this
evolution of hydrogen (any genius) to helium (one of several genius ) is a random event predicted by a set of statistical probabilities

im a cheater , mechanics love to cheat

what conditions align and prepare and retain and change the statistical probabilities of
a proton adheasion

the intercetal forces upon the atomic structure of the atom are such that the electron
force is the primary inhibition, the nuclear weak force is then over come by random heat or brute force

imagine a sphere of gyrscopic toys held together as a lose ball by electrostatic flow
(i e such as our solar system) each carrying a charge that is inexaustable and unstoppable, driven by forces that are unseen and un undepleatable

undepleatable but can be inpinged by a force equal too , it can be polarized and aligned. it can be knocked out , it can be accelerated and it can be absorbed

such is the nature of the spin of the dragon we seek to slay. like sonic the hedge hog we are not allowed to hold him but babe ruth can send him to th bleachers

the bleachers is precisely where we need him for a moment
a plasma whos outer (only) electron is currently not available
its what happens in the sun no matter what therory of operation you ascribe to
plasma protons of high energy stripped of electrons by thermal heating of the
photosphere of the sun held in suspension by a massive gravity have more opertunity to be collided than in say earth gravity normal (we an call earth gravity = 1unit)
10 times larger than the planet Jupiter and about 109 times as big as the Earth

it takes a heated plasma and 109 times the gravity of earth to make fusion sustainable
as we know it, maby less but no reactor has sustained

either we have to change parameters, change the density of mass or change gravity
to create a smaller unit

the large hadron collider at cern should be running this year. by thier own documentation they seek to use accelerated particals to create a non sustaining black hole that instantly vaporizes

so we have a particals excited and propelled to near sub light speeds that collide so fast as to make the electron moment of location irrevelant to overcome the intercital forces to collide and fuse particals and to expell fragments to study looking for
h particals that react with matter (a unproven therory that has floated unproven for 40 years.

so we have a third option for fusion
a bi-directional betatron accelerator that applys speed and pressure (electrostatc pressure) to overcome electrical moment and to align spin, we can use two beta trons
and chage the global (gimbaled) intersection

our curent ideas on fusion (the hirsch model) is a static rail gun, we may attain break even but is is working against the forces that we seek to exploit
an annalogy is it is easier to bicycle down hill than up.

to all the fusor nut jobs , i salute you
that oercomes the electron moment (location) and hurdles this

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Re: spin

Post by 001userid » Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:57 pm

I was running through several mental exercises the other day. Now spin has always been a fuzzy area for me. Yeah the math checks for the most part, but is unsatisfactory for my taste.

So I came up with this scenario: if atoms where cooled to a BEC so their fundamental frequency came together at almost nothing, what would happen if you could then stop "spin"?

One answer keeps coming to mind, the atoms energy should be subtracted to almost nothing. What should you be left with?

If this is true, only two properties drive all that is seen.

Or maybe hogwash.

Joe Sal

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super cooled einstine bronstan condensate

Post by badboybilzer » Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:14 pm

i was watching a youtube discussion about using lasers to supercool the atoms to make a einstine bronstan condensate

being as they are cool and dont take effort to fuse they mearlyfall together like pachinko balls

i havent heard what happens when you re warm the condensate
do un ballanced particals emit spontainously

i think that in order aquire fusion by products we must nessasaraly collide
unlike relitivistic thinking a AEther science person like me think that the
forces that keep spin spinning is the actual source force and if there is no
impingement of subatomic particulii there is not net gain in energy

a hugely brilliant avenue to think upon though
i like people that think , it helps me think
and then hopefully the world will think

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