Re: Picture Tour of my visit to Trinity Site by Geo

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Re: Picture Tour of my visit to Trinity Site by Geo

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:53 pm

Those tours are pretty cool. Bill Kolb and I went out there two years ago on the first Saturday in October. (only open two days each year)

I enjoyed the Mc Donald ranch house, (bomb trigger and core assembly point), as much as the test site. The house is amazingly close to the site ~1-1/2 miles but was unscathed by blast as it lies in a natural depression with relation to the site.

Anyone visiting the site should certainly visit the atomic energy museum in Albuquerque as it is pretty cool too. I got a Manhattan SED project army shoulder patch there with the puffy cloud and lightning bolt worn by GIs associated with the project.

We used the full week afterwards to locate and ore sample collect from 10 famous U mine sites over the Four Corners area from Grants New Mexico to Moab Utah.

We had one hell of a blast and saw some awesome country.

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