New Physics?

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Dennis P Brown
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New Physics?

Post by Dennis P Brown » Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:00 am

Well, the data is in on the G-2 experiment (Muon dipole rotation in a mag field) and the data differs from prediction (older prediction based on experimental data) by 4.2 sigma - nearly the gold standard.
See: ... ysics.html

AS for the group that recalculated the muon spin and now claim it agrees' with this result so there is no requirement for new physics after all - well, I will add a rather damning detail. Tthey ignored experimental data for their input parameters to the new model that they developed. In other words, they assumed the answer and worked out a model to make said answer - yes, they justify it by saying it is a better model but really, inventing new parameters that they claim are better is not, in my opinion, a proper way to create a new model. But this is a detail their non-expert told reporters so I hope this isn't correct and they didn't ignore proper experimental parameters for their calculation.
For details on this, see: ... ligns.html

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Richard Hull
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Re: New Physics?

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:29 pm

I have followed this myself over the last few days. I have always personally hoped the standard model would crash and burn. However, there are a ton of little Dutch boys ever eager to plug the hole in the dike containing the standard model.

Who really cares about quarks and the like that require localized energies on the order of the big bang to bring into existence only to see they are summoned forth into an unfriendly universe only to die off in sub pico-second time frames. The universe is done with them! They are no more real than a ghost. They all long ago disappeared into mesons, then protons and later neutrons.

The real curiosity is the electron!..... No known subdivision. Could the muon issue be the key?! Muons are just electrons riding vaporware neutrinos. Neutrinos are inventions of the mind of man that gives us an "easy out" when our "well understood" EM radiation won't do at all for missing mass and energy. (Beta decay, mesons, etc.) When we can't figure, understand or explain, the Dutch boy is there....It's a neutrino

Sure, it is nice to know a pecking order of assemblage, but none of the sub-sub particles are usable in the current universe, they are the "ghosts of Christmas past". We barely see real life Muons and other mesonic stuff as teravolt cosmic matter particles slam into atmospheric gases. Even they become ghosts in microseconds. The universe is done with them. "Baby it's cold outside"

I am convinced there will always be new physics.....Wait for it....(Monty python - anticipation for a military command)

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