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"Guide to Activation Analysis"

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:11 pm
by Richard Hull
This fabulous little tome edited by W.S. Lyon is a treasure trove of data. (D. Van Nostrand, 1964) Published under the auspices of the AEC.

For those successful fusioneers with enough neutrons to do decent activation and who also wish to do a bit of gamma spec work, this is a very useful compilation and reference book. It is layed out in a rapid and straight forward manner such that a good amateur physicist will have no trouble blasting through it. The math is simple and algebra is all that is used, based on the actual doing. Can't get much better than this for the activation initiate.

Neutron detection and analysis are covered in very sufficient detail. Scintillators, MCA setup and pitfalls in interpretation are also decently presented. While dated, by 1964, a good handle was had on this radiological science and little new has transpired since then except in metrology related to it.

For those looking for a "quick rinse" and a one and only book on this topic; this is your book. Worth every penny of the $4.50 that I paid for it.

Richard Hull