ORNL museum library

A place to keep track of reference material - any particularly useful books, articles, etc. should be listed here.
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ORNL museum library

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:40 pm

A fantastic resource is ORNL's museum library. A lot of great old documents are there for the printing and reading. Go to..............


There are data sheets for GM tubes

A great 9 page report on the "Future of Atomic Energy by Enrico Fermi goes into great detail on why atomic energy is feasible (1946)

There is all manner of old health physics data. One old report notes that a normal daily exposure of .1 roentgen is just fine, but one should strive to not actually work at that level daily. However, if you get .3 roentgen in a day then 2 days off or on other duty is the thing to do to make it all better.

A glossary of terms used at Hanford in the 40's is here too, like what is a "cart poppy"? or what is a "fat swine"?

The civil defense stuff is great. I printed out a neat booklet on how we all can survive massive nuclear attacks. It is called "Ten for Survival" (1959)

Much of this stuff was once secret or classified, as you will see.

Much, much more

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Re: ORNL museum library

Post by DaveC » Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:11 pm

Richard -

Neat stuff, indeed! Thanks for the link.

Dave Cooper

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