Prgress in Fast Neutron Physics

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Prgress in Fast Neutron Physics

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Feb 25, 2005 6:22 pm

This is a third companion tome to the epic two volume set. "Fast Neutron Physics" already reviewed here. It plays a small game of catchup being published a few years after the two volume set and was inspired by a conference, much of which this book forms as the proceedings.

"Progress in Fast Neutron Physics" by Marion,Phillips, Gerald, Jerry & Risser, Jacobs.

The book is well done and some of the material from vols I and II is reviewed in context to this update. If you are fortunate enough to have the first pair, you gotta' get the last word in this set and that is, this book. ~$30.00 for a decent copy.

NOTE: The binding and cover colors match the previous volumes.

Finally, The rare volume in the first set is volume one. The original two volume set has gone from about $75.00 in 1999 to about $300.00 today, though a lucky find is possible or a separate book hunt and single volume purchaseing might succeed at the $160.00 level. This combined, 3 volume group is generally considered the "Bible" of fast neutron physics.

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