Nucleonics Vol 10 and 11

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Nucleonics Vol 10 and 11

Post by Beryl » Sat Oct 30, 2004 3:58 pm

Toronto Surplus and Scientific Inc. is currently selling two interesting-looking books that are, unfortunately, out of my current price range. Perhaps one of you might be interested in them?

>Nucleonics VOL. 10, JAN-DEC 1952 & VOL. 11, JAN-DEC 1953
>AECL CPD, Atomic Energy Commission / Nuclear Research
>$ 99.95 each Please visit: for further details.
>These are NOT books you come across every day.
>Actually they are a pretty RARE find indeed!!!
>They are about 7 1/2" x 11" x 1 3/4" and chock-full of articles relating
>to Nucleonics and the Nuclear Industry of the day.

>Here is a very short list of articles:
># Effect of Cobalt-60 Gamma Radiation on Microorganisms
># The Reactor as a Neutron Source
># Occurrence of Nonequilibrium Atmospheric Mixtures of Radon and Its Daughters
># Radioisotope Procedures with Laboratory Animals
># Delayed Photoneutrons in a Heavy-Water Reactor

>There are also literally 1000s of ads in these books!!
>Don't pass up the chance to own a piece of Nuclear History.

Photos of (and from) the books can be seen here:

The books can be purchased here:|3049
(due to how the site operates, you will probably have to scroll down; search for "nucleonics"; or [for a limited time] click on "Military Binocular Prism" under "featured items" and scroll to the next item.)

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Re: Nucleonics Vol 10 and 11

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Nov 04, 2004 5:48 pm

OUCH!!! $50.00 for both would have interested me and got my money, but $200.00!?? Man. One would need to have deep pockets to add those to their library.

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